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Public use? Never heard of it.

In NJ:

The New Jersey State Supreme Court issued a blow Wednesday to the way municipalities use their power of eminent domain to acquire private land.

In an unanimous ruling, the court said that for land to be taken against the owner’s wishes it must be “blighted” and not merely “not fully productive.”

The ruling is a victory for private property rights but could make it more difficult to redevelop some communities.

It’s sort of a victory, I suppose. A real victory would have been because that’s unconstitutional.

2 Responses to “Public use? Never heard of it.”

  1. Guav Says:

    Last year I attended a rally here in Jersey City to support a bar owner whose land they were trying to take so that the [private] Catholic school behind him could expand their football field.

  2. pdb Says:

    Well, c’mon Unc. This is Joisey we’re talking about here. Yankeeland. It’s a wonder they even know how to SPELL constitution anymore.

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