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I know that guy

If you comment here, you do too:

The Tyler native added to his resume last month when he won the Texas State Rifle Association’s High Power Rifle Championship at Camp Swift near Elgin, during a two-day competition.

2 Responses to “I know that guy”

  1. AughtSix Says:

    Nicely done! I’ve got a long ways to go before I’m competitive for any of the individual championships. A long way. –I had a disaster at 600 in the individual match… twice the wind changed and I shot a 7 out at 9 o’clock. Then I thought, “self, that shot was 2 and a half minutes left.” Self: “2 and a half minutes left, got it boss.” crank on the sight. Bang. Man that shot felt good. Oh, crap. I meant right. Damn. (Non-visible miss on target 17)

    Oh well, I just need more practice reading the wind, and to improve my offhand, and the rapids, and slow prone. But once I just get that, then I’ll be good. 🙂

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