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The fourth circuit has ruled the feds can’t go holding people indefinitely without charging them. Good.

5 Responses to “Charge”

  1. Snowflakes in Hell » On Detaining Prisoners of War Says:

    […] SayUncle mentions the fourth circuit decision that the feds can’t hold people indefinitely without charging them, and says it’s good.   I agree that it’s good, in this case, but it does bring up an interesting problem of how to deal with the topic of prisoners in this type of warfare, which is something civil libertarians don’t spend enough time thinking about. […]

  2. robert Says:

    Glad to see this getting taken down. Can you imagine someone evil, like Hillary, with this power as opposed to someone just dumb and stubborn like Bush?

  3. existingthing Says:

    What a novel idea.

    This just in! Document unearthed which enumerates inalienable “rights” to the people! Government officials compfuzed!!!

  4. persimmon Says:

    That’s some good shit right there. I especially liked the parts about distinguishing between civilians and militants.

    There’s a big difference between saying Dick Cheney is the most vile sack of shit ever to loot billions of dollars from the U.S. Treasury and blasting him in the face with bird shot. On purpose. I’m totally talking about doing it on purpose. Shooting him by accident is just good fun. It’s not even as bad as saying he drinks fetus slushies every day to keep his heart twitching. That’s mean. Shooting a guy by mistake is just an accident and not at all mean. Saying bad things about a guy is mean. Shooting someone on purpose is militant and actionable.

  5. _Jon Says:

    I think it is good that they ruled they can’t hold US citizens.
    I think it sucks that a court had to tell them that.

    Now, non-US citizens? “Screw ’em”.