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I wish HBO would learn how to end a damn series!

First Deadwood, now The Sopranos. Seriously, did you see that shit? So, Meadow walks in, Tony looks up, screen black? I thought my TeeVee went out. Feh. I am totally not watching another HBO series.

Update: In other news, I decided to check the news to be sure. Nothing there. But there are already hundreds of angry bloggers noting the same thing. Blogs: like news but faster. But they’re right, that sucked and just served to leave the door open for other crap.

Update 2: is down. I’m guessing everyone is pissed. My prediction: a movie.

Fast: wikipedia.

10 Responses to “I wish HBO would learn how to end a damn series!”

  1. The Countertop Chronicles » The Sopranos Says:

    […] Uncle agrees. WTF?!?!?!? […]

  2. #9 Says:

    Summer 2008- The Sopranos-In a theater near you.

  3. RonInAz Says:

    Yes, this has the look of a cliffhanger supposed to be resolved by a movie.

    At least HBO ended Rome well. Of course we all knew where that was going.

  4. Dave Says:

    I remember working swing shift with a big fan of the TV Show “Angel”. Our job was sufficiently quiet most nights that he could watch the show at work, no problem. I remember the night of the series finale, I was in the next room over from him while he was watching, and suddenly I heard him scream “Are you freaking kidding me!” at the top of his lungs — apparently that show ended on a complete cliffhanger, as well.

    Frankly, I think it’s a cop-out.

  5. Nashville is Talking » Sopranos Series Finale Says:

    […] there will obviously be spoilers in the comments. So read the comments section at your own peril. SaysUncle [T]hey’re right, that sucked and just served to leave the door open for other […]

  6. Andy Axel Says:

    Huh. I guess The Russian doesn’t show up after all.

  7. Adam Lawson Says:

    As I said to a friend (and in a blog post because I liked it so much): This was the TV equivalent of blue balls. A lot of tension, and no release.

  8. Benz Says:

    OK. I’ll be the dumb ass who liked it. I like the fact that it didn’t wrap up all neat and tidy like a Rocky movie. I like the fact that it didn’t end in a Scarface bloodbath. I like the fact that it didn’t really end. It just goes on. Like life. And I liked the way the family comes together in the end. Try as they might, they can’t break free of the orbit they’re caught in. Janice is searching for her next meal ticket. AJ becomes the materialistic little prick he was raised to be. Carm is dishing out dumb-ass advice. Tony lords over his family. And even Meadow, who dallies with doing good things, ends up finding her way into the Sopranos parking spot and a proud position making $170k a year as an attorney. Life goes on … and it isn’t black and white.

  9. _Jon Says:

    As an infrequent viewer, I’m not surprised.
    It was a controversial show – non-standard in nearly every way.
    So it is a fitting ending, in that regard.

    I doubt he’ll do a movie.
    I seem to recall an interview (years ago) where he talks about this show being a “view into the life of”.
    Which is quite different then “what happens to Tony”.

  10. Ravenwood Says:

    I wonder how many peeps will cancel today.