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Eating their own

Our young, they taste like chicken.

It’s not just gun nuts but moonbats too.

Update: My sentiments exactly.

Update 2: Looks like people in comments are calling for Brittney’s job over a little copying and pasting. It’s a bit ironic that the criticism of bias is coming from the left when B-Ho has been accusing NIT of being biased the other direction for a while.

21 Responses to “Eating their own”

  1. #9 Says:

    I don’t get it. She is an aggregator. What do they expect?

  2. Drake Says:

    So…without reading over a 100 comments of prime leftist invective, can someone give me the summary?

  3. SayUncle Says:

    brittney links to post/copies text that is in bad taste about a guy who died. Some big lefty blog links to brittney. Moonbattery ensues.

  4. #9 Says:

    Moonbat blogger Steve Gilliard dies. Smantix at Six Meat Buffet writes a post remembering some crappy thing Gilliard did, and he did a lot of crappy things.

    Brittney at NIT aggregates the Smantix post on NIT without comment.

    Moonbats go insane. Okay, more insane. Okay, really insane. Now some of the Moonbats want Brittney fired because she is not Blue State enough.

    That’s about it.

  5. Drake Says:

    Tits. Thanks for the explanation.

  6. #9 Says:

    Nashville is a strange place in the blogoverse. People always calling for people to be fired from their day jobs.

    First Sharon Cobb wanted some State worker fired, then some people wanted Bill Hobbs fired, now A.C. and Brittney.

    For such a Blue State place there isn’t much regard for either privacy or the sanctity of peoples jobs.

    They seem a little fucked up over there.

  7. mike hollihan Says:

    Number 9, I think your first comment here is characteristic of the misunderstanding going on. NiT isn’t an aggregator blog, though she has an post aggregator in the orange column in the middle of the page. What Brittney does is to select some posts for highlighting, and some of those for further comment of some degree. Sometimes it’s just letting the post title serve as her comment; sometimes it’s just a single sentence and maybe a quote, and sometimes it’s a whole lot of comment.

    That’s the crux of the issue. She exercises editorial control over what she chooses to highlight and further editorial decisions over what she says. But when she gets called on it, she retreats into a weirdly coy “I don’t know what you mean.” or a deliberately evasive, “You called me ‘X.” Explain yourself.”

    Read the link from Tiny Cat Pants, written by Brittney’s mentor-figure Aunt B., who frequently takes up for Brittney in her place:
    So, let me tell you a little bit about life on the ground here in Tennessee. Here, we liberal bloggers are outnumbered by conservative bloggers by about six to one, Id guess. Here, there are maybe a dozen feminist bloggers throughout the whole state and a handful, at best, bloggers who blog for immigrant rights.

    NiT is the one platform we have to reach a larger readership, to try to influence policy.

    If we lose Brittney, we lose the one prominent liberal feminist voice in the state being paid by a news outlet. We lose our gathering place, we lose our rallying place. WKRN is an extremely conservative station. If they dont have Brittney, I dont see any reason for them to keep NiT.

    Your behavior threatens to take that from usagain such arrogance.

    Sorta confirms what an awful lot of people in Tennessee have been saying for a while now.

    It’s fascinating to me that of the 200 or so comments on NiT in both posts, I’ve seen only one high-profile member of the TN conservosphere speak up — Bill Hobbs, and only once. All the rest of us seem to be standing back. Interesting….

  8. SayUncle » Lost a good one Says:

    […] Update: background here. […]

  9. Dayngr Says:

    Scary to think how many stupid people are breeding isn’t it?

  10. #9 Says:


    You have a point. It is a matter of perspective. But compared to KnoxViews I felt Brittney gave more coverage to Conservative and Libertarian bloggers.

    Brittney showcased a lot of Uncle’s post and a lot of my posts. She also showcased a lot of posts from Terry Frank and David Oatney.

    What I was trying to say is that I felt Brittney did a good job for a left leaning blog to present coverage from opposing opinion. I know it wasn’t 50/50. But I felt it was good considering.

    To expand your post Mike, I felt Brittney felt pressure from the far left to get snarky with people like Terry Frank. But she never did that too much to Uncle, myself, or David Oatney. And she was kind to Glenn Dean who she fought with often.

    My point is that Brittney was under more pressure from the far left than from others.

    I think what we saw today was a coup. I hope Channel 2 does not give in. If they do they are useless.

  11. mike hollihan Says:

    Good points, 9. I can understand where you’re coming from. But I was one of those who, when I got linked from her blog, got a serving of snark with it.

    I don’t know that it was a coup so much as she finally got worn down. Read her other blog and you’ll see she’s been checked out of NiT for a while now. She was trying to have it both way — be partisan and not be pressured. It wasn’t working.

  12. #9 Says:

    be partisan and not be pressured. It wasnt working.

    I keep trying to explain that partisanship and policital correctness are poisoning this country. We need to deal with issues, not parties.

    Brittney was trying to have her cake and eat it too. But she was also one of the most reasonable voices on the left. Ironically it was the far left that drove her away.

    She made a mistake giving in to the hysterical from those even farther on the left than her. I think she will later regret going out like this.

  13. mike hollihan Says:

    But she was also one of the most reasonable voices on the left.

    I think she just let her opinions out sideways, then when you called her on them, she’d play coy. I think the charges against her of passive-aggressive behavior have some merit to them. Like I said, read her other blog and you’ll see the anger and contempt she held for those who disagreed with her.

    She even falsely accused them of sending her death threats! Is that reasonable?

  14. Jim Treacher Says:

    It’s simple: When someone you agree with acts out, they’re “passionate” and “take-no-prisoners.” When someone you disagree with does the same thing, they’re just the most awful sort of person.

  15. #9 Says:

    She even falsely accused them of sending her death threats! Is that reasonable?

    No it isn’t. You are correct. Of that post she wrote, “Well, I’m exaggerating slightly for effect, but yeah. ”

    Okay, she wasn’t perfect. She did snark a link or two to my a couple of my posts but I didn’t care. I sensed she was under pressure and it was cool. I think she was under a lot of pressure. People like Andy Axel who would imply she was cavorting with the “enemy”.

    I think the charges against her of passive-aggressive behavior have some merit to them.

  16. Sharon Cobb Says:

    Again, to be clear, I never wanted “some state worker fired.” I was doing an investigative piece that was looking at someone blogging/shilling for the Governor from a state computer on our tax dollars and time.
    A very big difference, of which you are well aware. It saddens me to see you still want to misrepresent me over a year and half later.

    Peace out,

  17. Sharon Cobb Says:

    I think Brittney resigned for a combination of reasons, though you make a good point about lefties being intolerant.
    I’ve been attacked from the left for having a lot of friends on the right.

    I haven’t heard anyone mention Steve Gill in all of this. He was calling for her job a week ago. Do you know if that had anything to do with her departure?

  18. Sharon Cobb Says:

    #9—PS–I harbor no ill will toward you from our former ( I hope former) disagreement, and I really do mean the “peace out” toward you.

  19. #9 Says:

    No problems Sharon. We disagreed. It happens. Glad to seeing you are doing well.

  20. Sharon Cobb Says:

    #9-Thank you. 🙂

    Regarding Brittney, I think it’s hard for a lot of people to grasp new media, including me.

    To the best of my knowledge, there is no rule book. The rules are being made up as we go.

    Brittney was(is) an excellent blogger. I looked down on her when I first started blogging because “I’m a real journalist.” I truly didn’t understand what she was doing is cutting edge….that it IS new journalism.

    I’ve had a chance to learn a lot from her and even this site and others about this new concept. I’m still a better old school journalist than I am a new media journalist.

    But I’m listening and learning.

  21. #9 Says:

    But Im listening and learning.

    That is the point of what we are doing here. I wish more people understood the objective is learning not controlling.

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