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Pink Pistols

Not those but the other kind:

Help me connect the dots: A few weeks ago Teresa Lavenue bid $810 and bought a pink Glock 9 mm pistol at an auction run by the Northern Virginia Friends of NRA. Around the same time, the member of a female gang in Southeast D.C. showed off a pink-handled pistol to a volunteer trying to quell teen violence in Anacostia.

Two women attracted to a Weapon of Human Destruction simply by its color. Pink pistols — cute and deadly — are the latest marketing gimmick by our makers of Saturday night specials and sophisticated semiautomatic weapons.

“They are targeting a female market,” says Ronald “Moe” Moten, co-founder of Peaceoholics. “It’s just like cell phones. These guns are not for hunting.”

Now, I don’t care if gun makers make pink guns or blue ones or whatever. Different folks like different colors, I suppose. But I don’t know that Glock makes a pink one. That’s only relevant to the fact that this guy is accusing them of making them with nefarious purpose: to get women to shoot. And it’s bullshit. I have seen the pink ones but they are expensive custom jobs. I don’t personally care what gets women to shoot so long as something does. And they are the fastest growing demographic in terms of gun ownership. It doesn’t really make one bit of difference to me what color your weapons are. I prefer black but it’s preference. If they came in bright orange only, I’d still have one.

Before every gun-toting NRA member paints a red dot on my forehead, let me assure you I have owned rifles since I was a teenager. My first was a Mossberg .22 that I hunted with for years until I traded it for a canoe. I’ve used pump-action shotguns and 30-30s to hunt deer.

Of course you’re a gun owner, every one who writes an anti-gun column these days is.

But don’t tell me that painting handguns pink is cute. Don’t tell me a pink handle on a pistol isn’t attractive to girls in gangs.

Cute is irrelevant and a matter of preference. I think my G30 in basic black is cute. Color is also irrelevant.

Facts are that 12 young girls have been shot in the streets of D.C. in the last three months. Four were shot dead.

Despite the fact that handguns of any color are banned in the district.

Via Chuck.

5 Responses to “Pink Pistols”

  1. Rick DeMent Says:

    Geez what’s next …outlawing pearl handles? What will pimps do? 🙂

  2. bwm Says:

    Glock = “Makers of Saturday Night Special”???

  3. Phelps Says:

    She got a gun, and then painted it pink.

    She didn’t get some pink paint, and then decide that she needed a gun to use it on.

  4. Alcibiades Says:

    Everyone knows that pink is the color that causes murder.

  5. The Bitch Girls :: Cute Guns Cause Crime? Says:

    […] SayUncle reports on a writer who fears women gun owners and thinks that any attempt to reach out to us as a market is evil.  Meanwhile, in any other industry, we would refer to that as discrimination. […]

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