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Giuliani nothing surprising

You can’t spell nanny without authoritarian. Well, you can technically . . . but you see what I’m saying.

3 Responses to “Giuliani nothing surprising”

  1. BLounttruth Says:

    Let’s also not forget that Giuliani was also in power while testing the waters of illegal search and seizure. The New York subway system was the testing grounds as passengers were required (only in a few certain terminals) to submit to illegal searches of all of their belongings. This was billed as a security measure for (Public safety); the only thing they forgot to tell Rudy was that it is also a violation of our 4th amendment right as noted here

    They also forgot to let him in on an extremely large secret OUR NORTHERN AND SOUTHERN BORDERS ARE WIDE OPEN…. So much for Public Safety…..

    I do not think that there are any politicians nowadays that feel the Constitution or the Bill of Rights exist unless it is used for their own gain. When your leaders are not subject to the same laws they hold you accountable for then I do not see how democracy can remain. I feel this is the beginning of the end for Liberty as we know it. This is not based on the above article, but rather the actions of all politicians today. But when you are not held accountable for any actions that you take, then why worry about repercussions for doing anything you like, law or not…


  2. Ron W Says:

    I’m sure Rudy knew he was violating the 4th Amendment (just as he knows he violated the 2nd Amendment) and that he’s aware of open borders. He wants it that way and he wants to be President so he can keep it or expand on that. Those who control and amnage the political system make sure they have candidates who either allow or effect citizen disarmament and the invasion of our country…among other treasonous activities.

  3. Volunteer Voters » Unblogged Tabs Says:

    […] You can’t spell nanny without authoritarian. […]