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What media bias?

I dunno but I’m thinking if a white gun nut had said that, it’d be front page news.

8 Responses to “What media bias?”

  1. #9 Says:

    Who are the terrorists? I guess since he is a Reverend it is okay? Looks like Operation Push has morphed a little from its original mission. Send Jesse a memo.

  2. Blake Says:


    If you end up ordering something from that gun shop, post about it. I may try to order something as well.

  3. SayUncle Says:

    I haven’t gotten around to calling yet. It’s on my list, though.

  4. Sebastian Says:

    There is no doubt that they would. All the major Pennsylvania newspapers ran the “hung from the tree of liberty” bullshit.

  5. anon Says:

    If the thought of a Chicago priest advocating murder bothers you, you might want to let someone know:


    Archdiocese of Chicago
    155 E. Superior Street
    Chicago, IL 60611
    312-751- 8200

  6. nk Says:

    Pfleger is a nutcase. And the denizens of his parish are at the same time the best arguments for for both gun ownership and gun control. We need guns to defend ourselves from them and we need to keep them out of their hands.

  7. Manish Says:

    thats revolting

  8. SPROCKET Says:

    Errr…. I think he is a whitey. That aside, he’s just another media whore with a collar like sharpton, jackson and their ilk. I think he was in a pissing match with Jerry Springer in the 90s (if that isn’t transparent, I don’t know what is). He’s made a name for himself victim mongering; whether it’s alcohol, tobacco, or crime, it’s all the outside influences forcing forcing people to drink, smoke, and shoot eachother. Maybe he might want to consider encouraging people to murder the crack dealers in their neighborhood instead. Just a thought…

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