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More alleged facts from reasonable voices

Anti-gunner Robyn Ringler:

The notorious Washington, D.C. sniper-killers used the fifty caliber sniper rifle to kill their victims.

They did? Funny. You may want to tell the MD police since the guys they found had a .223 cal. She did offer a correction.

And her facts get better:

A guy walks into a gun shop to buy a gun. The gun shop’s employee performs a background check. The information from the background check which links the gun to its new owner and its origin (the gun shop) must be destroyed WITHIN 24 HOURS.


So, now, a crime is committed with a gun. Any record of where that gun originated has been destroyed. How do we trace it? How do we figure out where it came from? It is impossible to follow the gun’s journey when we destroy the records after ONE DAY.

Really? Well, that’s a shock to those of us that actually, you know, know what we’re talking about:

The NICS check does not, and was never officially intended, to link a gun to it’s owner. That is what Form 4473 is for. The 4473 has been the law of the land since GCA68 was passed (1968). The 4473 is required by law to be retained for 20 years. There has not been any repeal of this records keeping requirement as Ms. Ringler believes. She is confused. But that’s not surprising, bigots confuse and warp the facts to maintain internal consistency with their world view.

Poor anti-gunners imagining laws that aren’t there. But, hey, it’s another reasonable voice, right Gonzo?

And what’s with a newspaper hosting an anti-gun site? What media bias? And what media standards? Since, you know, two seconds of Googling and you could have had the answers right the first time.

12 Responses to “More alleged facts from reasonable voices”

  1. Kevin Baker Says:

    I’ve invited her to debate.

    We’ll see if I get any response whatsoever.

  2. Jacob Says:

    Robyn Ringer is a professional antigun activist. Her organization, New Yorkers Against Gun Violence, is little more than a front for several NY politicians. She’s a zealot and you will never have a honest debate with her. Her goal is nothing short of total confiscation of all privately owned firearms.

  3. Kevin Baker Says:

    That’s why I’m sure she won’t respond. But I had to try.

  4. Jadegold Says:

    Kevin’s afraid of debate.

  5. Kevin Baker Says:


    Jade, you don’t debate and you know it! There’s multiple pages on Google pointing out that you are nothing but a troll. Here’s a hint: When eighty or more people tell you you’re an asshole, you might want to check the mirror for signs of a sphincter where your head ought to be.

    I’m afraid of debate? Ask Jack, the Irishman living in London that first got me blogging. Ask Dave Baker, (Oops, you can’t. That blog is kaput.) Oh well, ask Swen Swenson. Ask Alex, the guest poster I hosted at TSM Alex, though our exchange just kind of petered out here. Ask Dr. Danny Cline, whom I had a six-part debate on the nature of rights with.

    I’m afraid of debate? From possibly the worst serial troll on the internet?

    Oh the sweet, sweet irony!

  6. Jadegold Says:

    You’re afraid, Kevin.

    It’s not against the law to live in fear of having your worldview sliced and diced. But it’s kind of hypocritical to pretend you aren’t.

    It explains your..eerr..fascinations.

  7. Kristopher Says:

    Look up the term “projection” sometime.

  8. Jadegold Says:

    Kris: Surely it’s next to the word “sycophant.”

  9. Peet Says:

    Kevin said: “When eighty or more people tell you you’re…”

    Surely you have heard the old adage “When on or two people call [Jadegold] an ass, just ignore them. When EVERYONE calls [Jadegold] an ass, it is time to get fitted for a saddle.”

    May have been Clemens said that…


  10. Kevin Baker Says:

    Clemens was a sycophant. 😉

  11. Raging_Dave Says:

    “Kevin’s afraid of debate.”

    This, coming from the most intellectually dishonest person I have ever met.

    Kevin is not afraid to debate anyone. He just doesn’t want to waste his time potty training you, only to see you crap all over the living room rug for the nth time.

  12. Kristopher Says:

    “sycophant” is not simply someone who disagrees with you. Every person who advocates effective self-defence and has verbally bitchslapped you is not Kevin’s sycophant.

    Try to do a little better than name-calling, if you are capable of such.

    I have been pushing the projection meme for quite some time myself … the first person to identify the gun grabber / projection syndrome was Sarah Thompson, M.D.

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