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Raising Kaine

VA Governor Kaine ran on a platform that was supportive of gun rights. Now, it looks as though those were empty promises:

Governor Kaine gave the panel investigating the Virginia Tech shooting incident its marching orders on Monday: Kaine let it be known that he expects the panel to recommend more gun control – including ammunition control!

First Kaine does not invite any gun rights groups to be on the panel, and now he’s telling the panel what he wants the panel to conclude.

The results of that panel, if it includes gun or ammunition control, will be tainted and should be dismissed as a farce on the people of Virginia.

Via PGP, who notes:

Kaine was the first leader to publicly excoriate those who would politicize the VT debacle; his comments seemed almost directly aimed at the Brady Campaign, who started asking for donations before the bodies of the deceased had even been released to their families.

Quite disappointing.

One Response to “Raising Kaine”

  1. Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner Says:

    Paleface speak with forked tongue. During his campaign it came to light that he was responsible for providing transportation to a MMM rally, all at the expense of the taxpayer. Scum.