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377 Rounds?

Hell, I have almost five times that in just 22LR. Apparently, VA Governor is troubled that Virginia law allows any individual to stockpile ammunition with no way for authorities to monitor the cache. That’s a cache? Hell, the other day I gave 1,000 rounds of 40S&W I couldn’t use away.

14 Responses to “377 Rounds?”

  1. Ravenwood Says:

    “Hell, the other day I gave 1,000 rounds of 40S&W I couldn’t use away.”

    Where was I when the ammo fairy was putting boxes of .40S&W under people’s pillows?? I feel left out.

  2. SayUncle Says:

    Heh. if you were in Knoxville . . .

  3. AughtSix Says:

    I bet Killgore (Kaine’s R opponent, and a lousy candidate) wishes his press guy didn’t go out of his way to offend the VCDL. I think I remember that there were a bunch fewer votes for governor than Lt. Gov and AG. And even if my memory sucks and there weren’t a fair number of non-votes, the R’s won the two lower offices, so there were a fair number of split ticket votes, anyway. I think Countertop said he left his governor vote blank on account of a dishonest pamphlet he received from the Killgore campaign.

    I can’t say I’m shocked that someone who used Richmond taxpayer funds (returned in the run up to the gubernatorial election, if I recall correctly) as mayor to charter buses to take folks to the Million Mom March would be try to get gun control passed when he saw a chance.

    377 rounds? I buy an order of magnitude more .22LR ammo just about every time I swing by a Wal-Mart. (I usually buy them out of the blue-box federal stuff, that last I remember was still under a buck per 50 and all the “Federal Auto-Match” they have. That’s pretty good stuff for the price, actually) I’d love to see his reaction if he saw how much ammo I’ve got lying around.

  4. Jay G Says:

    377X5=1885. That’s all the .22LR you got? Hell, I’ve got that in (quasi) premium .22LR. Got at least 10X that in bulk…

    The Boston Globe would have a collective coronary over the contents of my range bag, let alone what’s in my secondary ammo locker… The primary ammo locker would make their heads explode completely…

  5. countertop Says:

    The Killgore mailer – which I am still holding onto and showed to someone the other day – remains the single most dishonest piece of campaign literature I’ve ever seen (and I work in and around politics day in and day out in DC).

    Kilgore as a person is wonderful. Kilgore as an AG was perfect. Kilgore as a gubernatorial candidate was an embarrassment, but only the latest one in a Republican party – especially in Virginia – which has as its focus first and foremost promotion of the Christian Coalition and moral majority. Can’t win the nomination without carrying Newport News.

  6. countertop Says:

    Oh, and Aught Six, will be at Izaak Walton on June 2nd for the orientation. Maybe we can do some squirrel hunting afterwards.

  7. countertop Says:

    I beleive someone gave me (well threw in anyway) a few hundred rounds of 7.62×39 when I purchased a WASR. Sure Kaine would have a hissy fit over that too!

  8. chris Says:

    I don’t think of buying bulk ammo as stockpiling, but more of maintaining prudent reserves.

    The notion that the government has any authority to know how much of any legal item I own is repugnant to our Constitution.

    What about the right to privacy?

    The only thing that I have to account to the government for is my earnings, which I do.

  9. Captain Holly Says:

    “Hell, the other day I gave 1,000 rounds of 40S&W I couldn’t use away.”

    Where was I when the ammo fairy was putting boxes of .40S&W under people’s pillows?? I feel left out.

    Yeah, tell me about it. Uncle, if you’re going to give away free ammo, at least think of your loyal readers first. 😉

  10. SayUncle Says:

    at least think of your loyal readers first

    I did. The local ones 😉

    My dad (a retired cop) periodically cleans out his garage/basement/spare bedroom. To date, it has scored me at least 2 Orlite magazines, a few hundred rounds of 5.56, a near full case of CCI Lawman 40, a Galco holster, and some GI mags. It’s like finding treasure.

  11. Jim Says:

    Just so you guys know, these idiotic socialists linked to your blog.


  12. Jim Says:

    Sorry for the triple tap! Couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t link!

  13. Jim Says:

    Here’s a good anti-gun socialist blog to bombard.

  14. SayUncle Says:

    Jim, seems the multiple posts tripped the spam filter.