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San Fran’s Latest Move at Gun Control

More of what we’re up against.

Pretty scary quote:

“Just because you legally possess a gun in the sanctity of your locked home doesn’t mean that we’re not going to walk into that home and check to see if you’re being responsible and safe in the way that you conduct your affairs,” [District Attorney] Harris said.

Sounds like a good way to get shot to me. And another:

It’s focused on making it as inconvenient and as difficult as possible for people to possess guns in a way that people will be harmed

Remember, these are reasonable restrictions.

4 Responses to “San Fran’s Latest Move at Gun Control”

  1. #9 Says:

    San Francisco is another country.

  2. SPROCKET Says:

    They’re just trying to drive out San Francisco’s last gun store (High Bridge Arms). I spend a lot of time in the city because my girl lives there and I work there. In talking to the cops their biggest problem is that they can’t put the screws to the scumbags because there is always some group that will scream harrasment and sue. Go after the dealers, gang members and junkies in the Mission and the hispanic groups freak out. Try to clean up the projects and black groups throw a hissy fit. Move the bums and junkies out of a neighborhood and the homeless groups sue. Until San Francisco removes it’s rediculous social services network that does nothing but subsidize crime in the city, there will continue to be violence. Hasseling legal gun owners is just political theater put on by Newsome.

    One has to wonder if all the hippies would feel so good about this if one were to replace “gun” with “child” in her quote, or if she were suggesting random searches of the city’s public housing projects where the majority of drugs and shootings in the city come from???

  3. Bruce Says:

    I’m sure they’ll be passing and enforcing, in a similar manner, a new anti-sodomy law, to help curb the spread of HIV/AIDS in the SF area.

    “Hey, everyone, we don’t want to ban homosexuality. This is just a common sense, public health-based restriction on your right to be gay. We just want to be sure you’re expressing your homosexual love in a responsible manner, that’s all.”

    Yeah…that’ll happen.

  4. Billll Says:

    “Hi, We’re here to check the state of your guns.”


    There, happy now?

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