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Springfield too

First, Les Baer and now Springfield:

Inside the Springfield Armory on Monday, there’s a look at the hands-on craftsmanship sparking this Geneseo business since 1974. The kind of work that created 165 jobs there and some 500 around the Quad City area at other gun-related companies.

But gun manufacturers and local legislators are warning that the $20 million payroll will disappear if legislation passes to limit the number of bullets in a gun magazine. Already passed in the Illinois Senate, it could come up in the Illinois House next week.

ArmaLite is looking to bail too. Good. We’ll take you in Tennessee.

11 Responses to “Springfield too”

  1. Nomen Nescio Says:

    somebody with more political clout than myself needs to drop the presidents and CEOs of these companies some friendly notes, mentioning that the beautiful state of Michigan is quite nearby, with a largely unoccupied population having experience with metalworking. and no fear of weaponry, although a lot of our shooters might look a bit Fuddy in the early morning light i suppose. hmm, who’s in the state house from my district now again…

  2. Bitter Says:

    Even those are big traditional hunting manufacturers, I think it would be appropriate for those leaders to not consider Michigan.

    Michigan banned dove hunting last year. Not by a little, either. They voted it down by nearly 70% and in each of the 83 counties, including the most rural parts.

    Even if I didn’t make guns that are likely to be used in hunting, if I were leading a gun company, that would give me fair warning that the gun culture is not as strong as one would assume there. Since many hunters of one game species went out and voted down their fellow hunter’s access to another species, I would recognize that they might do the same for less than popular or traditional guns.

    If they are willing to sell each other at the polls for something as minor as a game species with a few fancy commercials from the animal rights lobby, why should they be counted on with overwhelmingly negative press for certain gun rights? When looking at a long term investment, there are better states to consider.

    Not to mention, I’ve always been left with the impression that Michigan is a crappy state for businesses.

  3. Sebastian Says:

    I have to agree with Bitter on Michigan being a poor choice. Don’t feel bad, I would say no to Pennsylvania too. Pennsylvania’s gun culture may be relatively healthy compared to most states, but both Michigan and Pennsylvania are shitty places to do business. If they are going to go through the expense of moving, it would make sense to go to a low cost of doing business state like Oklahoma, Texas, or Arizona.

    Of course, Les Baer is moving to Iowa. Not sure how Iowa is for business, but I’d consider Michigan to be a safer bet on guns than Iowa. I could be mistaken though.

  4. Nomen Nescio Says:

    is it technically correct to say we banned it even though it’s never (AFAIK) been legal here? we just didn’t vote to legalize it, by a rather large margin.

  5. Bitter Says:

    But by doing that, your voters overturned the law that made it legal in the first place. I thought they did have one season before the signatures were gathered.

    The argument still stands that if I’m looking to invest large sums of money in setting up another operation after one state drove me out, I wouldn’t have much faith in a state where some members of the community already demonstrated that they were happy to sell the others out.

  6. Nomen Nescio Says:

    I wouldn’t have much faith in a state where some members of the community already demonstrated that they were happy to sell the others out.

    a good argument, but a very difficult standard to meet, i think. look at enough issues, and there can’t be too many states (if indeed any) that wouldn’t fall below that threshold.

  7. lergnom Says:

    What’s bad about Pennsylvania, after you claw your way out of Philadelphia?

  8. straightarrow Says:

    Arkansas is where they should go.

  9. Diamondback Says:


  10. Bitter Says:

    Actually Norm, on the unique challenges gun makers face, some states have been willing to step up and accommodate them. Oklahoma’s legislature actually passed a resolution a couple of years ago inviting gun makers to the state.

  11. gudis Says:

    They could set up shop in the governor’s mansion in Springfield, Blagojevich wouldn’t even know they were there…

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