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What makes a gun-rights liberal?

I thought it was because they were progressive and liked the smell of cordite. I was wrong.

5 Responses to “What makes a gun-rights liberal?”

  1. Gringo_Malo Says:

    Ain’t no such animal as a gun-totin’ liberal. Liberals, after all, are really communists. They believe that all power should flow from the state. They empahtically do not believe in private property or self-reliance. No one who’s prepared to defend himself with a firearm is a liberal, though he might pretend to be for reasons not readily apparent.

  2. SayUncle Says:

    These guys might disagree.

  3. Rustmeister Says:

    Gun ownership shouldn’t be tied to a political ideology. It’s about freedom.

  4. Firehand Says:

    That whole ‘because we THINK about things’ line sounds like one of the nutty feminists with their ‘men don’t FEEL things the way women do’ crap.

  5. Sebastian-PGP Says:

    Yeah, no such thing as a GTL…just like all conservatives are bible thumpers. Yawn….