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Stuff that sucks

Crest Lemon Ice toothpaste: like brushing with Pine-Sol. Not recommended, there’s a reason it’s on sale.

However, Crest Pro-Health is quite tasty and leaves my mouth minty, kissably fresh.

3 Responses to “Stuff that sucks”

  1. Jack Says:

    I like the CRUST toothpaste. Cleans you teeth and leaves your breath alone! Jack.

  2. Rivrdog Says:

    Crest Regular Paste here, and Thank God for a company which doesn’t abandon the customers who got it where it is.

    Crest started with Regular Paste, fluoride only, none of the caustic bleaches or anti-plaque formulations which cause the mucous membranes inside your mouth to slough off.

    Regular dentifrice, and 5 minutes of vigorous brushing in front of the mirror so as to have correct form (like practicing your gun mounts), and you WILL visit the dentist less.

  3. Bruce Says:

    Don’t forget Aquafresh, one of the biggest marketing scams of the 20th century.

    “It’s got three separate components that clean your teeth, freshen your breath, AND fight cavities!”

    No shit! It’s toothpaste for Christ’s sake!