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Gun Porn

S&W revolver.

2 Responses to “Gun Porn”

  1. Chas Says:

    I remember the days when the snub-nosed revolver was demonized as the most evil gun in existence, and portrayed as only suitable for robbery and murder.
    Nowadays, we call them snubbies, which sounds a lot cuter. They are considered to be quaint, collectible, old-fashioned and even obsolete by today’s standards.
    They are well suited for concealed carry, which we have a lot more of than we used to have, and are the better off for having. A .38 snubby is still enough to make a bad guy flee, and put him down if he doesn’t.
    Our appreciation for these fine weapons has increased with time, and that’s a good thing.

  2. Jay G Says:

    Not only that, Chas, but because revolvers in general aren’t ber-tacticool, used ones such as the one in my post can be had for next-to-nothing.

    Which is a good thing if you’re some retro-lovin’ kickback to the Dark Ages who likes wheelguns. Like me. 🙂