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Tennessean Publishes “Steal Me” List

Following in the footsteps of a mental midget like Christian Trejbal, The Tennessean has decided to publish a searchable database of Concealed Carry Weapons permit holders in Tennessee. It is here. So, now thieves and would be robbers can search, by city, and find places to go steal guns. When this happened in Virginia, the paper took the list down, apologized and the legislature proposed a bill making the info private. And the AG went ahead and made it private.

Other than sensational grandstanding, letting criminals know where to steal guns, knowing it will create a buzz, and the upcoming martyr shtick they’ll pull (we were just exercising our first amendment rights!), what is the purpose of doing such a thing?

If, like me, you’re not happy about it, let them know. Here’s their contact page.

Update: I will be contacting their advertisers (like Dillards).

Update 2: Maybe some enterprising blogger could start looking for DUIs, unpaid property taxes, legal proceedings, and other stuff having to do with Tennessean staffers? It’s all public info and, well by golly, we have a right to know.

Update 3: For fun, I searched the database for names of prominent political figures. In most cases, I got no results. However, I was in there multiple times.

Update 4: Some folks are saying that it is dumb to think that criminals would use a list like this to go steal guns. They don’t use lists? Why all the identity theft? And over 80% of crime guns are either stolen or come from the black market.

These folks say I should stick with privacy concerns. I thought that was pretty evident that this violated privacy. So, yeah, I don’t like having such info published in the paper. I think it serves no purpose. And, of course, any nefarious sorts can use the list to find out who does not have a carry permit as well.

Update 5: Here’s their article on CCW. You can leave a comment at the Tennessean here.

Update 6: Steve Gill says:

I bet they would freak out if we used the voter rolls and other public data to publish the home addresses of their reporters and editorial staff. After all, there are some nutcases who might try to do them harm if they knew where they lived and didn’t like what they wrote in their paper. But that would be irresponsible, wouldn’t it?????

And, you know, the info from the drivers license database is equally accessible.

Via insty.

Update 7: Seems The Tennessean’s list of CCW holders is now gone. It was here earlier. Could just be down, I suppose.

Update 8: Confirmed . The Tennessean has pulled it. Good for them. Good job, Blake!

67 Responses to “Tennessean Publishes “Steal Me” List”

  1. Joel Rosenberg Says:

    While I’m not a lawyer, and don’t give out legal advice, I will note that there are some states that issue permits to nonresidents — Utah’s permit is accepted in more than two dozen states — and don’t give out permit holder data except to proper inquiry from law enforcement.

    And while I’m not giving advice — see above — it’s worth noting that, in at least some states, that out-of-state permit will be honored. In my own Minnesota, for example, it’s an open secret that rather than hassle with Sheriff Fletcher of Ramsey County — we’re a “shall issue” state, but even in such states, one does run into the issue of “just how much justice can you afford” — at least some residents of Ramsey County MN simply get their Utah permit, and never have to bother with the local authorities. The same is true, I’ve heard, in St. Louis County MO — they’ve got a problem sheriff, and instead of go through hassles there, many erstwhile permit holders simply get a Utah or Florida permit.

  2. Abominable_Hillbilly Says:

    I contacted Dillard’s. They seemed uninterested, even irritated. I was not rude to them. I was, however, quite curt (even a bit profane) when I contacted the Tennesseean.

    For those of you who accuse us of being alarmist, ask yourself why the Tennesseean even published this information. If you’re honest, you’ll not be able to come up with one decent reason for their behavior. This is nothing but “outing,” not entirely different than creating a list of homosexuals, child molesters, etc. It’s an attempt to intimidate or somehow “embarrass” those of us who have acted perfectly within the law. It may be legal, but it’s incredibly immature, irresponsible, catty, and unprofessional.

  3. SayUncle » Tennessean CCW list update - again Says:

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  4. straightarrow Says:

    Bill Peschel Says:

    May 8th, 2007 at 10:51 am
    Um, I wonít contest your point (I happen to agree), but címon, criminals arenít that smart to be using an online database to scout houses to hit for guns

    Bill P., at the time my father enlisted in the Army during WWII he had the highest IQ ever recorded in this country. Since that time many have surpassed him, but at that time he was the top. He was also a career criminal after the war. Don’t tell me that some of them are not smart enough to use a database.

    I find that those without the imagination to conceive of it to be far less intelligent. Don’t be one of them.

  5. Oanna Says:

    Er…just as a note for all those who think that criminals aren’t “smart enough” to use a database like this for nefarious purposes, THINK AGAIN. Do *not* underestimate a criminal. Especially a younger one who has grown up with the Internet (and Google!). Imagine what a con man or identity thief could do with this information. I don’t *know* what they could do, but imagine away – they’re probably imagining too!

    Plus you have stalkers and the ilk, and organized crime folks. I repeat, do *not* underestimate thy enemy!

  6. Diamondback Says:

    The Tennessean knew what it was doing. The same thing other papers have done. Publish a searchable list of those “evil gun owners”, bend em over and give ’em a good reaming. Then remove the list and say “sorry it was all a mistake”. Bull! They did it on purpose just like all the other papers that have pulled this same stunt. The damage has been done. It’s time for some serious payback on these A-Holes! Uncle made some good suggestions. Let’s follow through this time guys and gals. I for one don’t have a subscription to cancel but I will find out who their advertisers are and will never shop at any of them again. Let’s also find out the dirt on some of the Tennessean’s editors and staff and start pushing that info out their. See how the bastards like a taste.

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  8. Bob1 Says:

    Just a few years back, didn’t a militant anti-abortion group publish on a website the names and addresses of doctors in their area who performed abortions? IIRC, some of those doctors started getting harrassed as a result. How is this any different?

  9. Ruth Wells Says:

    I am a 65 year old grandmother, with a gun permit for 10 years or more. Just let the theives try to pry my weapon from my knobby little arthritic hands.

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  13. CJ Says:

    This whole debacle has motivated me to do two things that I should have done a long time ago: cancel my subscription to The Tennessean and finally join the NRA. News is cheap and available everywhere; no reason to feel stuck with a slanted rag with lousy writing. And with the money I’ll save, joining the NRA really won’t cost me a thing.

  14. ddongard Says:

    Thank you for allowing my boss, friends and relatives, who had now idea I ever owned a gun or possessed a permit know my personal business. As I am enveloped in a work environment that feeds on rumors and the “latest news,” it has been made aware to my boss and co-workers that I carry a handgun. In what I feel was a response to, today, my boss pulled me aside for friendly conversation which seemed to turn into a counseling session attempted to make clear that guns are not permitted on the premise, including the parking lot. I was given that information during orientation and immediately felt belittled. It may be me but it also seems my coworkers aren’t as relaxed in conversation with me today. Do they view me as some kind of loose cannon, ready to go off? I’m angry, hurt, saddened. I had no idea my permit was public record. I just thought I would do what I felt was necessary to protect my family and myself from extreme danger and harm. I live in a pretty quiet neighborhood now but the one I moved from isn’t so nice. I’ve lived most of my life in “the rough part of town”, USA. I don’t have to get into detail about the trouble I’ve seen but those things are the driving force for my permit. OH! ….to answer some questions about criminals and computers….. silly….the internet is accessible to almost everyone…….all criminals aren’t high school dropouts….. a vacuum for a certain type of crime has been created when the data base was made known……most home burglary happens when you aren’t home, i.e., not htere to protect any of your stuff, which for some, includes the other guns they don’t carry with them. I’m assuming that none of these things were thought of before the ink hit the paper. I hope the Tennesseean goes broke! God Bless!

  15. Guy Montag Says:

    Dang it, late to the party again. Did not even get to check and see if I am in there.

  16. the friendly grizzly Says:

    Bob1: It is no different. And it would be no different from publishing the names and addresses of those who are HIV+. I suspect that database would be used for checking on dates a few times, sure. But it would be used a heck of a lot more by those who would harrass the HIV+ person, or worse.

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