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Need to know

No need to know that the expert, identified as a retired ATF agent, is also on the board of the anti-gun disguised as pro-gun group American Hunters And Shooters Association. In other news, Oliver Willis is still blogging and still stupid. I thought he’d quit or something since I haven’t noticed any right wing blogs making fun of him in a while. Anyway, most states ban the use of full metal jackets and non-expanding bullets for hunting. That pretty much dictates that to hunt, you use hollowpoints.

2 Responses to “Need to know”

  1. Rivrdog Says:

    …or soft point, or plastic point, or cast lead or any number of bullet constructions that these GFW chumps don’t know about and don’t seem to care about. Sort of like the “cop-killer” bullet b.s.

    When the brouhaha about “cop-killer” bullets came about, various people took the pains to point out to the media that the engineering of a bullet-resistant vest had to be considered. First, that none of these vests were “bullet-proof”, as the stupid media called them, and second, that they were designed to defeat MOST, but not all handgun ammo. Handgun ammo is characterized by blunt-tipped bullets, and the Kevlar vest works by having friction slow down the blunt bullet as it encounters more and more Kevlar fibers. Naturally, anything that reduces friction helps defeat the vest, since reduced friction allows the bullet to slip by more fibers. A full-cone conical bullet (FMJ) in the low-pressure .38 special will defeat a Kevlar vest because it is made in the shape of a cone, not because of any lubricant such as Teflon. ALL of the 7.62X39 and 5.56 NATO “pistols” (cut down versions of military carbines) will defeat a Kevlar vest, because they really aren’t handguns in the engineering sense, only in the NFA sense.

    The news media couldn’t be interested less in these facts, because they get in the way of their agenda which calls for increasing restrictions on guns and ammo until the Second Amendment means nothing. After all, this is the same culture that has “dumbed down” education to fit the lowest common denominator, has allowed “ebonics” to officially take the place of spoken English, and has promoted sexual promiscuity along with “sexual health”.

    These people are our enemies, and if this generation does not stop them and change their destructive course, then the Constitution and Bill of Rights might as well be scrapped, because in two more generations, they will mean nothing, just as English Common Law, a great and fair system of governing, has nothing to do with fairness in England today.

    We fight and win, or the culture dies. It really IS as simple as that.

  2. Rustmeister Says:

    Willis is one of those intentional morons – debating him wouldn’t do any good.

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