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Continuing trend


The shootings at Virginia Tech have sparked a renewed debate about gun control. It may have also sparked an increase in gun sales at shops across the country.

“There’s all kinds of crazy things almost every night when you turn on the television and I think that just raises people’s worries more about protecting themselves and protecting their homes,” says Chaz Sunser of Chuck’s Guns and Ammo.

Chuck’s, a Jupiter, Florida firearms store noticed a sharp increase in business last week.

Sales had been slow after Easter, but following the Virginia Tech tragedy their concealed weapons class filled up.

Handgun and ammo sales skyrocketed, both at Chuck’s and around the country. Chuck Sunser, the gun store’s owner, says it’s a nationwide trend.

“I spoke to three of my bigger distributors up north, and most of them are in the Pennsylvania area and Connecticut and they told me that their sales, the phones are going off the hooks. And most of the gun shops that they were dealing with were out west and mostly up north.”

I don’t know that I’m willing to believe that overall gun sales are up based on one shop’s reported uptick and he-said-she-said with a distributor. But it seems lately that we always hear of gun sales increasing after some tragedy.

4 Responses to “Continuing trend”

  1. Sebastian Says:

    Could also be people are worried shit’s going to start getting banned.

  2. Ahab Says:

    One of our better gunshops was actually having a hard time keeping Glocks on the shelf.

  3. muzzleblast Says:

    I went web shopping and then UPS delivered 4 20 rnd. and 1 30 rnd. magazines for the FN/FAL, 10 20 rnd. magazines for the M1A & 200 rounds of .308 Lake City long range to fill ’em with … it seemed like a good occasion to do so.


  4. Tam Says:

    This year has been just off the charts so far here.

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