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Holy Shit

the AP:

Virginia Tech campus police chief says at least 22 are dead after a shooting the university.

WTF is going on there?

Update: Timeline here.

Now: 21 killed and 21 wounded.

Update: Some news outlets are reporting this as two incidents (i.e., two shooters).

Update: Conflicting reports. Some say one shooter. Some say shooter is dead. Some say shooter is in custody. One report says both. Still no certainty as to the number of shooters.

Latest report are two shooters, no evidence they’re related. One shooter described as Asian wearing a vest ‘covered in clips.’

Latest: One shooter. Dead.

Update: Latest reports are the shooter used a handgun.

Update: Everyone says to me: see what happens in gun free school zones. I say: don’t dance in the blood of the dead. That’s what the other side does and we shouldn’t (update: See).

Latest: Apparently, it started in a dorm and spread to classrooms. Shooter reportedly stood in door ways blasting away.

Map of where the shootings occurred. Can’t tell distance from the graphic but it looks like the shooter covered a lot of ground.

Eyewitness accounts.

Update: Reports of a two hour time lapse between the shootings.

Update: R. Neal:

ATF says shooter killed himself, two 9mm handguns recovered. White male, connection to university unknown at this time.

Update: On the shooter, seen at Ace’s:

Apparently based on a picture of an Asian student being handcuffed on the ground. But this doesn’t seem to be the shooter, who we’re told was killed outright. The picture of the Asian student shows him clearly alive and bearing no obvious wounds.

Also, still some reports confused as to the number of shooters with one source still saying one shooter dead and one arrested.

Update: number of dead count keeps changing. Latest is 29 22, including shooter. I kinda wish this body count stuff would stop. Just wait until the counting is done then release the number.

52 Responses to “Holy Shit”

  1. dave Says:

    Students at Southwest Virginia Colleges: 0, Guns: 35 (score subject to change as more people are clinging to life because of the bullets that pierced their skin or scalp) -8 killed by stabbing, when we will demand more restrictions on kitchen knives? -3,000+ killed by intentional demolition of buildings with planes, when will we demand more restrictions on box-cutters?

    I demand more restrictions on asshats like you that blame atrocities on inanimate objects and your feelings rather than using common sense. When will you dipshits realize that the criminally insane will use whatever is available to them while completely ignoring the laws already on the books?

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