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‘Bout time

Airlines to offer in-flight wi-fi.

3 Responses to “‘Bout time”

  1. _Jon Says:

    How ’bout they offer iron-clad guarantees they won’t strand peeps on a plane for 8-10 hours just a few hundred feet from the gate?

    And, how ’bout they arrange their seating in the gate area so that you can sleep on it after they delay a flight for 8-10 hours?

    I was at an a/p this past weekend dropping my 15yo son off and I realized that airlines are an industry that treats their customers with contempt. They consider the customers as more of a nuisance to be tolerated than a guest to be appreciated.

    If I had fixed my blog, I would probably write a rant about that.

  2. Chris Pugrud Says:

    To offer? It’s been out there, maybe it’s just slow coming the US because it might impede some idiots monopoly or another.

    Last fall, the wife and I flew Luftansa from D.C. to Kuwait on our way back the sandbox and I happily passed the time surfing the Interwebs until the battery went out in the laptop since I didn’t have an airline power adapter, nor did we sit in the overpriced section that has laptop power plugs.

  3. Standard Mischief Says:

    On the wi-fi, I wonder if the speed would be just too slow, or would they do traffic shaping to prevent people from using their VoIP phones on the plane.

    In regards to customer service, perhaps things might improve if the damn federal goverment allowed the airlines to fail.

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