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It’s all preference

Some folks take issue with the gun snobbery over at Insty’s:

I do take exception to the gun snob comments about the Beretta 92. Thatís the civilian version of the M9. I could not hit squat with the service .45 I carried in the 1970s while on duty in Germany. The weapon was a rattle trap, which was no doubt part of the problem. However, a couple of the NCOs told me my accuracy problem ďisnít entirely the weaponís fault.Ē Hah. Well, I agreed. I was adequate with a rifle, but the pistol? Yes, I can see the barnís broadside. No, I cannot hit the barnís broadside ó not with my service .45.

But the Beretta I had in Iraq was something else entirely ó I managed to qualify sharpshooter with it. I know, the superior gunfighters out there will dismiss that as the sorry effort of a chronic poor shot. However, I came within two rounds of qualifying expert. Thatís a huge change. I had confidence I could hit a target.

I don’t particularly care for Berettas. They’re fine guns (assuming you don’t have an 1980s model – there was a defect in the slide causing it to crack). But I just don’t dig them. The cool thing about the Beretta compared to, say, Sigs/Glocks/H&Ks is that it has a fixed barrel. So, you don’t need a Linear Inertial Decoupler (fancy gun nut term for spring in a tube) to cycle the action when you put a suppressor on it.

My preference is for Sigs and Glocks. Here they are:

arsenal glock.jpg
arsenal sig.jpg

I like Glocks because they are indestructible, reliable, low maintenance, and, honestly, I could care less if I scratch one. I like Sigs because they are reliable and they simply feel good in my hands (they’re slightly less indestructible and low maintenance than a Glock).

And, you JMB diehards, I just don’t like how 1911s feel. They’re fine guns. But, in my hands, they feel like I’m shooting a brick. Well, except that new Sig GSR. That’s one fine 1911.

Via Sebastian, who says: It all comes down to what works for you.

Update: And how could I forget the Kel-Tec:

Another Update: Dr. Strangegun sets me straight in comments:

92s donít have fixed barrels. They stay aligned with the frame because the 92 uses the locking block system.

14 Responses to “It’s all preference”

  1. Drake Says:

    Berettas also sometimes hang up with after market threaded barrels

  2. Guy Montag Says:

    Am I the only one?

    The ONLY Army pistol I could easily qualify with was the 1911. NEVER missed a shot with it during any qualification. Actually, it is the only Army weapon that I never missed with.

    Baretta? Could not hit a freaking thing with it, same with the .38 revolver.

    Side note, I looked at one of those tiny Glocks that is about as big as a Warthog and it is too small fo my giant ape hands. Did not even have to fire it to know I did not like the feel.

  3. Sebastian Says:

    A lot of the Beretta’s bad reputation is actually caused by shoddy aftermarket magazines the military procured for use in the M9. If you use the factory magazines, the M9’s reliability is fine.

  4. drstrangegun Says:

    92s don’t have fixed barrels. They stay aligned with the frame because the 92 uses the locking block system.

    Same with the P38.

  5. Guy Montag Says:

    Same with the P38

    That is my favorite can opener too!

  6. #9 Says:

    On the Kel-Tec photo, is the small white object a trigger guard? What kind of pocket holster is that?

  7. SayUncle Says:

    Heh. small white object is the gateway symbol on the laptop.

    And that’s an uncle mike’s pocket holster.

  8. Drake Says:

    Trimmed Hogue or Pachmayr on the grip? It looks tiny.

  9. SayUncle Says:

    trimmed hogue, iirc.

  10. Jay G Says:


    Did you have to sand your Kel-Tec right above where your thumb rests? First couple of times I shot mine I developed mysterious cuts right on the base of my thumb. Had to run my finger over the rear of the frame to find out why…

  11. SayUncle Says:

    Nope. the rubber grip took care of any recoil related ouchies.

  12. Tam Says:

    I just donít like how 1911s feel. Theyíre fine guns. But, in my hands, they feel like Iím shooting a brick. Well, except that new Sig GSR. Thatís one fine 1911.


    That’s like saying “I just don’t like the way baseballs feel in my hand. Except those Rawlings ones. Man, are they round!”

    I’ll give $5 to the man who can tell a SIG 1911 from a Kimber from a Springfield from a Colt from a whatever while blindfolded (given identical grip panels and frontstrap treatments.)

  13. straightarrow Says:

    Strange thing that. I have very small hands for a guy my size. But, the very first 1911 I picked up felt like the completion of my arm. It fits so naturally, that I always hate to put it down.

  14. Diamondback Says:

    I’ve owned a number of 9mm guns. I’d have to count the 92FS as one of the finest ever made in reliability, looks and comfort. Beretta is known for putting form, beauty and utility into their products. The 22 Neos is another fine example.
    The 1911 has been around for almost 100 years and with good reason. Many people can’t shoot them worth a hoot at first. They don’t shoot like other autos. Those of you that are 1911 fans will know what I mean. Many of the 1911s that the military had were loose and rattled by the time new recruits got a hold of them. My preference runs toward mil-spec 1911s rather than the tricked out variety.
    I don’t own a Glock but have fired them numerous times with good result. I just don’t care for the lack of an external safety. They feel and look like a brick to me.
    I can’t really speak to most mouse guns as the smallest thing I own is Bersa 380 (copy of the PPK but with improvements). The Kel-Tec is just too small for me. I hear they wear out rather quickly if fired often.