And what’s Fonzie like?

What happens after a gun fight, from notes at the Front Sight Training Academy. Via KDT.

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  2. #9 says:

    Offsets are for people who can’t handle guilt but must have it anyway.

  3. Kit says:

    I heard that same lecture when I went to Front Sight. Looking at it from a law enforcement perspective now, I will say the advice about what to say to 911 and what to do when the cops get there (especially describing yourself and DROPPING your gun) is good. Although 911 will probably tell you to put the gun down somewhere and then walk outside.

    However, I personally wouldn’t try to judge the cops’ attitude at that moment when deciding whether to make a statement. Even if the cops see a clear case of self-defense and decide not to arrest/charge you, your statements to them will be available to the bad guy or his family. It really is best to just keep your mouth shut for awhile and sit in a holding cell until you can get your lawyer there. It will not kill you to spend 24 hours in jail. Balance this against losing everything you own in a civil trial later. The police understand this. They’ll understand even better when you say “I’ll be happy to give you a statement with my lawyer present.”

    Also, while I don’t think the attorney selection advice is *bad* – you are not trying to get a *deal* with the DA. You are trying to get completely 100% vindicated. Personally I’d hire the best local criminal defense attorney I could afford. The eventual jury is not going to care whether your attorney is an ex-cop – they’re going to care whether or not he does a good job defending you.

    Just my opinion.