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Best Irish Joke Ever

In comments here, from nk:

Saint Michael sees God busy at work and asks, “What are You doing, Lord?”
God says, “I’m making the world”.
Saint Michael asks, “What’s Your plan?”
God says, “I’m trying for balance. Arid deserts and lush valleys. Rocky mountains and rolling plains. Humid jungles and pleasant beaches. Wolves and deer. Snakes and eagles. Well … you get the picture.”
Saint Michael says, “I understand but You missed a spot. There’s this beautiful little island in the North Atlantic that’s never too hot or too cold, has no wolves or snakes, no inhospitable mountains or dry deserts. Where’s the balance there?”
And God says, “Wait till you see what bastards I’m giving them for neighbors”.

3 Responses to “Best Irish Joke Ever”

  1. Oh ... Really? Says:

    Top O' the Evening to Ye…

    Seein' as how I am a wee bit of an Irish lassie (I'm a redheaded Irish Italian Aries … Whew!), and this bein' the day when everyone's a wee bit Irish, I will share my favorite Irish jokes.

  2. mike hollihan Says:

    What’s an Irish seven course meal?

    A potato and a six-pack!

  3. _Jon Says:

    I wear orange for the day…