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I got hand, baby

Poker hand from last night. Loose table. I’ve not hit a hand all night except the very first hand I played. I get absolutely nothing playable for an hour and a half. Creates the image that I am a much tighter player than I really am. I am a bit bored and decide it’s time to play a hand no matter what it is. I get:


Crappy hand. I’m first to act. I raise it up to six times the big blind. Two callers and the button raises it to 12 times the big blind. It comes to me. I move my whole stack in the middle. The callers fold. The button thinks for a long time and says You’ve not played all night. You must have me beat. He folds and flips his cards over:


Stupid play on my part, really. But it worked out. Remember kids: Don’t play poker when bored.

2 Responses to “I got hand, baby”

  1. The Comedian Says:

    I remembered a good quote from Judge Bork’s book about boredom being a valuable emotion. A quick google search gave this insightful and valuable look at boredom when Judge Bork was on C-SPAN’s Booknotes discussing his book.

    LAMB: This is a quote from your book: “Boredom is a much underrated

    BORK: Sure. People have a very hard time putting up with it and there are various ways of coping with boredom. You know, some of it is to plunge into this popular culture with sex and violence. Another is to engage in radical politics. There are a variety of ways, and another one is drugs — there are a variety — but Sherlock Holmes, of course, was an example of the man who was bored and took drugs. There are a variety of ways of coping with it, and most of them are not very healthy.

    Sometimes you go all in on a 5-4 off suit.

  2. Josh Says:

    Would have been interesting to see what the flop-turn-river were. I had my pocket aces cracked by a guy (short stacked) pushing all in preemptively with 6-3 unsuited and hitting a gutshot straight on the turn just the other night. I flopped quad 2’s on somebodies pocket Kings later on, but it didn’t make me happy.