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Markets, laws and guns

Via Alphie, comes yearly info on gun purchases:


In 1993 – 94, there was the Brady Bill and the ban on weapons that look like assault weapons. The latter had the regular capacity magazine ban so gun makers cranked out anything that took those mags like mad. I also notice a small spike after 9-11.

Update: Anyone seen 2005 data? I’m guessing another spike following the sunset of the ban on weapons that look like assault weapons.

2 Responses to “Markets, laws and guns”

  1. drstrangegun Says:

    75 million new firearms over the last 20 years.

    Why, you’d expect the Brady’s to be touting the blood running in the streets… except there isn’t any.

    Maybe that’s because BradyCo runs false issues?

  2. 2nd Amendment Blogburst at Traction Control Says:

    […] Markets, laws and guns […]

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