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Death Match: SayUncle’s left pinkie vs. Two pound sledge hammer

Full swing, glanced off of a spike. I’ll let you guess how that went. Let’s just say: You ever seen a hot dog come out of the microwave?

God damn, that hurts.

Update: Hard to type. I have pics but don’t want anyone to lose their lunch. Broke the tip of the bone clean off. Probably lose the nail.

12 Responses to “Death Match: SayUncle’s left pinkie vs. Two pound sledge hammer”

  1. Sebastian Says:

    Ouch! At least it wasn’t your trigger finger

  2. Fodder Says:

    Dude, hope your going to be OK.
    I love the view from your porch, tho.
    I’m sure that makes you feel better.

  3. Sean Braisted Says:

    I feel your pain. My finger nail is just now finishing to grow back in, 4 months later.

  4. Tam Says:


  5. AughtSix Says:

    So, if your posts have a remarkable lack of A, Q, and Zs, we’ll know why.

  6. Michael Silence Says:

    Come clean. How much alcohol was involved?

  7. Rustmeister Says:

    Go get some good pain meds!

  8. KCSteve Says:

    Sprained my left ankle on some slippery steps yesterday.

    Sounds like I got the better deal.

    Hope you didn’t wind up adding to Junior’s vocabulary.

  9. GLN Admin Says:

    No picture?

  10. R. Neal Says:


    (That was good advice about the pain meds. Take advantage of every opportunity.)

  11. #9 Says:

    Hope you feel better. You’ll have to seven finger blog for awhile.

  12. straightarrow Says:

    Hey I have had five fingers cut off and I still have a full complement. Oddly enough the five I cut off are the same three, some got it more than once. The first time I was four and they just stuck the three of them back on and they took.

    The other two times, one finger at a time, I was grown, and managed to save them. they work, though they get cold really quick when the temp drops. I will forever swear I was drunk when both instances happened. I will never admit that I did it to myself while unimpaired. Damn, and just today I cut both damn index fingers. Little bitty cuts, but were hurting like hell until I started on the whiskey. I actually cut a damn finger putting a garden hose in a shopping cart today.

    I am not exactly sympathizing with you, but at least you know someone out here is dumber than you are. Who else you got, willing to do that for you?

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