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Zumbo Jumbo – update

In an update to the Zumbo mess, Remington has a statement at their website:

NOTICE: Remington is in the process of severing our sponsorships with Mr. Zumbo. Remington in no way shares or advocates any of the comments made by Mr. Zumbo on his blog site. A formal announcement will be released by noon today.

2 Responses to “Zumbo Jumbo – update”

  1. robert Says:

    Good for Remington. Anyone like Zumbo who is ignorant of gun rights after 40 years of writing is too dumb to be associated with in any official capacity. Wonder who ELSE sponsors the fool?

    Can’t you just imagine being in Wyoming, with factory reps, shooting free ammo out of free guns at free coyotes? Zumbo was probably eating on the Remington expense account and staying in a free hotel room at their expense while tax-deducting his truck and gas.

    I’m sure it magnified the illusion that no one would EVER take away HIS gun rights!

  2. nk Says:

    The shame of it is that he could have written an intelligent article that said pretty much the same things but without attacking anyone or undermining gun rights. There are guys out there who think the Pennsylvania long rifle is the most beautiful of all longarms and the Henry rifle the most beautiful of cartridge rifles. Bill Jordan and Jeff Cooper had a twenty-year argument about revolvers vs.semi-autos. Elmer Keith thought you did not need a rifle under 300 yards with a properly sighted .44. Gun writers are supposed to inform, entertain and stir up interest in firearms, and it is a given that they will have their favorites. Whom was he informing or entertaining and what interest was he stirring up in other than the anti-gun crowd?