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True dat

Tam on the 10/22 rifle:

It has ascended to that plateau of firearms ubiquity (shared only by the M1911, AR-15, and Remington 700) where you can build a complete example of the gun, from the ground up, without using a single part from the original manufacturer.

2 Responses to “True dat”

  1. nk Says:

    I have a problem with Sturm-Ruger’s protectionistic lobbying but there is no bad thing you can say about their guns (well, maybe, their Vaquero with a floating firing pin). You can fine tune a 10/22 to put one bullet on top of the other at 50 yards. Now I have the nephew staying with me for about two and half years, he has expressed an interest in shooting, and I am thinking to start with a bare bones 10/22 and move up to a scope, a better barrel and trigger group as he progresses. I’m not going to argue with Tam about ammo interchangeability because he knows a hell of a lot more about guns than I do, but the .22LR subsonic is the most accurate of the bunch in my opinion. And I like the box magazine for reasons of safety.

  2. nk Says:

    “she knows”. Yikes! Sorry! No sex-change intended. Just a case of grammatical bias for the male gender.