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Calling you out

I’m no rock star. I appreciate the accolades from Glenn. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Dr. Helen was a fan. Would it kill you to leave a comment, or something? One of the things about this blog is that I have a lot of readers who comment. But I have a lot who do not. And if you guys would leave the occasional comment, I’d appreciate it. I just like to know a little about who’s reading and what they think. Even if they think I’m wrong.

The good doctor asked me how I chose topics to blog about. Fact is, I have a short attention span (look, a monkey). I blog about whatever is in front of me at the time I sit down to blog. I don’t say to myself Self, you need to blog about trade relations with Mozambique and then do so. I just decide that I want to blog and I write about whatever happens to be there. And I’m usually reading gun stuff when that happens.

A few things on meeting other bloggers:

There were no laptops (that shocked me).

There was very little discussion of politics.

Every few seconds, someone’s camera flashed.

Dr. Helen doesn’t like to be called Dr. Helen.

I was only called crazy once.

Glenn writes a lot, quickly. I pull in my driveway and the dude’s already posted like five entries. We left at the same time.

And when you have the blog fest on the west side of town, there are substantially fewer hippies.

21 Responses to “Calling you out”

  1. USCitizen Says:

    Kudos from Traction Control on the InstaPundit Rock Star treatment!

    I hope you are planning to make it to GBR-II for more adulation + Cordite enhanced recreational activities.

    No more cars will be burned unless it is absolutely necessary …

  2. Helen Smith Says:

    Great meeting you! I do like your blog–and really, rock stars are a dime a dozen but good bloggers? Priceless.

  3. DLO Says:

    Glad to see Glenn’s kind words. Well done!

    As an aside, what’s up (or not up) with The Truth Laid Bear’s Gunbloggers page?


  4. Tam Says:


    I’d have been there toadying up to you also, if it weren’t for the fact that the Armory’s open ’til 7 on Saturdays…

  5. nk Says:

    Say what you want about academic lawyers, Instapundit is praise-worthy for two things:
    1. He goes all out to promote blogging and the internet; and
    2. He gives hope to homely plain ordinary-looking guys that they can still marry a beautiful girl. 😉

  6. CE Petro Says:

    Fewer hippies???? I guess being a hippie is all relative now a days. I may not have dressed like a hippie, but I’m still a hippie, if you ask my kids, that is.

  7. Cathy Says:

    Fewer hippies? I couldn’t look more granola if I tried.

  8. Mike Faulk Says:

    What an interesting ‘tribe’ I found at Calhoun’s!

    The group was “Gilligan’s Island” meets the “Survivor” series!

    Sure wish I’d had more time to stay and play!


  9. jed Says:

    I haven’t gotten the rock-star greeting at blogger bashes, but I have been recognized at gun shows by people I’ve never met.

    BTW, linky goes to something on carbon-neutral BS. But I did find the Uncle is a rock star link. I’ve noticed this phenomenon over at Alphecca recently. Do Glenn’s permalinks morph through the day, or something?

  10. Helen Smith Says:


    Okay, so you look like a beautiful hippie with gorgeous kids–is that better?

  11. SayUncle Says:

    I didn’t say hippie like it was a bad thing.

    As an aside, whats up (or not up) with The Truth Laid Bears Gunbloggers page?

    It’s broken. And, no, i can’t fix it.

  12. djuggler Says:

    I got scolded by both Tommy and Cathy for the camera flashes and somehow Michael Silence and Glenn Reynolds still avoided the photos with the exception of the top of one of their heads and the back of the other’s!

    At our son’s Blue and Gold Banquet (Scout award ceremony) one of the mother’s leans over to Cathy and laughs, “I let Doug play with my camera at one of the school programs and he took 200 pictures!” I’m definitely a quantity over quality photographer.

    Great seeing everyone! Looking forward to the next.

  13. countertop Says:

    When I was trying to earn a living taking pictures of rock stars (and want to be rock stars) I found the more quantity the better quality.

    FWIW, I’ve never been noticed but some folks at the NRA range noticed my SS Ruger Accusport Bisley Blackhawk (fwiw-thats the 45 Colt you fired over Xmas).

    That’s certainly when you’ve made it as a gun blogger, your gun attracts notice while you don’t.

  14. rich Says:

    Tam, we were there until 9:30. We may talk fast, but we eat slowly…

  15. Perry Nelson Says:

    As a first time visitor with this group, I appreciated getting to know all the group and being accepted as if it were old home week. Let’s do it again before we forget how.

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    […] So Rich Hailey approaches asking, "Looking for Blogfest? Someone identified you." For a brief moment I experience what celebrities must feel and I reply, "Good to read you!" After locating Sarah we fill the final seats at the blogger’s table. Lucky for Sarah, a girl near her own age was sitting right beside her. They ignored each other the entire evening. Tommy had the pleasure of sitting beside Mike Faulk who graciously tried to engage the nervous, bored teens until being drawn into adult conversation with Dr. Helen, Glenn Reynolds, Perry Nelson, and Lissa Kay. Amy sat on Sarah’s other side. Evan took the head of the table with Cathy and I on either side of him until Katie Allison Granju, Jon Hickman, Randy Neal and Mrs. Neal showed up adding yet another table. The early bird side of the table included Thoughts of an Average Woman, Barry, Michael Silence and his wonderful daughter, Rich Hailey, and Say Uncle. As some seats emptied, Les Jones and his wife, Melissa, filled in (I hugged his wife and he was probably packing!). [Hopefully I covered everyone. This paragraph should have links to ALL attendee’s blogs and their Blogfest review.] […]

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  18. _Jon Says:

    My hero…..

  19. Rustmeister Says:

    Can I have your autograph? 🙂

  20. Ron Says:

    I’ve only been subscribed to your RSS feed for a couple of weeks, so I haven’t said anything. But if you are calling me out…

    I enjoy your blog and didn’t even know you could sing. 🙂

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