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More on Bloomberg and the Feds

Cam Edwards has a piece up at

According to the Daily News, none of the gun dealers Bloomberg is suing broke federal law and took part in straw purchase transactions. The letter also took Bloomberg to task for conducting these stings “without proper law enforcement authority,” though there is no indication that BATFE or the Justice Department would seek to file charges against Bloomberg or his civilian private investigators. Instead, the letter warns that Bloomberg’s operations could put the city at risk of legal action.

2 Responses to “More on Bloomberg and the Feds”

  1. Robert Says:

    Looks to me like the BATFE is warning them that there MIGHT be serious consequences if they do this kind of stuff AGAIN. I guess if you are rich you get a couple of warnings first.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if it was a defense against prosecution if you could introduce evidence in court that the prosecuting agency had let someone else slide on the same offense?

    The whitewash is on, looks like degrading the rule of law.

    For shame!

  2. William Noll Says:

    Somehow I doubt the BATFE will actually “go after” Mayor Bloomberg. I also doubt that Attorney Gonzeles will either. He was in favor of the “assault weapons” ban since his brother is in law enforcement. Bush said he would sighn the AWB if it came to his desk. He may yet get the chance to do just that with the democrats in charge of both the house and senate.

    Now, of course, with all the adverse publicity surrounding Mayor Bloomberg’s “coalition of mayrs,” is our Knoxville City Mayor Haslam still a member of this group? So far he’s been pretty quiet and his pr people are stonewalling any criticism.

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