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The Crazy: It pays

I often say to myself: Self, there’s simply no way you’d ever score a cushy job as a blogger for a political campaign or interest group or any other sort of respectable paying blog-gig because you’re a crazy-ass gun nut. That, and you’re an accountant.

But there’s hope. Seems some lefty with a history of saying some crazy things is now blogging for The Breck Girl.

4 Responses to “The Crazy: It pays”

  1. markm Says:

    Edwards = The Breck Girl? First time I’ve heard that, but it’s fitting.

  2. Lornkanaga Says:

    Who’s the right’s equivalent of the Breck Girl? Would you really want to blog for him/her?

    (of course, if the person was so gung-ho guns the left would nickname him/her “Two-Gun Lou/Sue,” I could see it–hehehe)

  3. JustDoIt Says:

    Who’s the right’s equivalent of the Breck Girl?

    That would be none other than Mr. Hollywood – Mitt Romney.

  4. markm Says:

    Except no one but a far-leftist would think Romney’s on the right…

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