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Knox County Commissioners speak about the Wednesday debacle

Greg “Lumpy” Lambert, John Griess, and R. Larry Smith gave surprising answers this morning on the “Inside Tennessee” Television program concerning the debacle that occurred Wednesday as 12 term limited government office holders were replaced in a process that has yielded one lawsuit and almost universal citizen outrage.

WBIR’s John Becker asked, “Was the process fair?” Lumpy Lambert, “Yes”. John Griess, “Yes”. R. Larry Smith, “Yes”.

Becker then asked “Did we get the best people possible. The best nominees possible for each District seat? Lumpy Lambert, “I believe so”. John Griess, “It wasn’t a requirement of the Supreme Court that we get the best but that we make appointments and we fulfilled that requirement and obligation”. R. Larry Smith, “I think we could have done better”.

You can see the interview here.

2 Responses to “Knox County Commissioners speak about the Wednesday debacle”

  1. Bubba T. Rex Says:

    What a disgraceful bunch of double-dealing cowards. And as I write this, I realize I have slandered a good number of double-dealing cowards with the comparison.

  2. drstrangegun Says:

    Oh Lumpy, say it isn’t so…

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