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No, I am an extremist

You can tell the American Hunters and Shooters Association is full of it when they refer to the National Rifle Association as extremists. Of course, the American Hunters and Shooters Association is headed up by a bunch of anti-gun hacks and is no friend to gun owners. The press, of course, seems to love these guys. The NRA is extremist, you see, for actually being a pro-gun group that, you know, doesn’t advocate more gun control.

2 Responses to “No, I am an extremist”

  1. straightarrow Says:

    No, you are not an extremist. Nor am I. We are the sensible law abiding. Ever single person who believes in gun control, regulation, ban, registration, waiting periods, licenses and ID cards etc. are the extremists.

    The people that believe we should enforce the laws on the books are extremists. Twenty thousand plus laws and all of them illegal, is the position they put forth. In other words, they advocate breaking the real law (you know the one, the second amendment which is superior to any legislative effort that violates it) in at least 20,000 instances. That makes them extremists in anybody’s book.

    If they want to talk extremists, fine. But they should be aware that extremism defines their viewpoint and their participation in limiting the rights of others, is criminal. They are the extremists.

  2. serr8d Says:

    If the NRA is considered extremist, then I’ll proudly wear that label…and any other label a left-winged ACLU-lovin’ terr’ist-apologizin’ retreatist moonbat wants to give to me. Hell, I’ll collect a wheelbarrow full of ’em, and if they are the proper mix of tin and lead, melt them down and make some decent slugs out of ’em…

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