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Bloomberg summit round-up – 2

Well sign me up:

Southern firearms dealers are raffling off free guns to raise money to fight a lawsuit by New York City.

The unusual fundraiser — officially called the “Bloomberg Gun Giveaway” — is organized by the Virginia Citizens Defense League, a gun owner rights group, and firearms shops.

Well, I’ll take some tickets. This bit is funny:

“These are sick people,” Mayor Bloomberg said. “And if they think that this is funny, I don’t think that the parents or the spouses or the children of those that get killed with illegal guns would find that very entertaining.”

But, Mr. Bloomberg, this is a legal gun. I know for you there is no difference. The gun is a Para Ordnance .45 caliber automatic handgun worth about $1,000. More:

“Instead of dealing with his problem of criminals in New York [Bloomberg] wants to blame everyone else outside of New York,” Hill said.

The shop is:

Bob Moates Sport Shop Inc.
10418 Hull St., Midlothian VA 23112, United States
(804)276-2293, USA (804)276-2332 fax,

Send them a check, if you’re so inclined.

Up next, the mayors want to make more guns illegal:

None of the mayors at the news conference mentioned federal legislation other than the Tiahrt Amendment. Most notably, not one word was spoken about the federal assault weapons ban, which the Democratic Congress passed in 1993 and the Republican Congress allowed to expire a decade later.

Mayors are interested in renewing the ban, but the Tiahrt Amendment is a higher priority, Brown said.

Since they are attacking illegal guns, it makes perfect sense to have more guns made illegal. The ban on weapons that look like assault weapons is basically pointless. See here and here.

2 Responses to “Bloomberg summit round-up – 2”

  1. Sailorcurt Says:

    My post about the Bloomberg Protest rally in DC is up.

    Click Here

  2. John Amdor III Says:

    Remove “Private Company, Headquarters Location” from the address. It’s business classification information, not part of the address.

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