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Another alleged gun study

David Hemenway (an anti-gun hack who asserted that folks who carried guns were more likely to indulge in road rage (despite the fact that there were no notable increases in instances of road rage after states passed concealed carry laws); and refused to release his data) is at it again. This time, the hack asserts that if guns in homes cause homicides. Well, that’s not what he says specifically but that’s the impression that he wants to leave you with. Turns out, he’s wrong as usual. Jeff has the full report. He also took the exact same data and came to an entirely different conclusion, noting that Hemenway’s use of controls was just a way to get the desired result.

Kevin takes a look and notes:

During the past decade we’ve added a minimum of 30 million new firearms in public hands – at least 10 million of which were handguns. Since 1993 we’ve gone from 21 states with “shall-issue” or unrestricted concealed-carry legislation to 39. We’ve had an influx of “assault weapons” and “pocket rockets” – supposed engines of death and destruction far more lethal than the weapons available in the 60’s.

Yet homicides declined. Non-fatal firearm related crime declined.

Insty says: I’m pretty sure that these guys would call anyone who accepted grants from the NRA bought-and-paid-for. But the Joyce Foundation is every bit as biased as the NRA, and has a history of paying for scholarship that would be treated as a scandal if it were engaged in by pro-gun folks […] If a drug company were as cavalier about science as these people are, its executives would all be in jail.

I hear the next study Hemenway is working on is entitled Guns: they shrink your penis.

3 Responses to “Another alleged gun study”

  1. #9 Says:

    I hear the next study Hemenway is working on is entitled Guns: they shrink your penis.

    Oh damn, that can’t be good.

  2. Kevin Baker Says:

    Actually, the study would carry a disclaimer that would state something along the lines of:

    Our study does not establish a causal relationship between guns and below-average penis size. It is possible that a non-causal relationship explains our findings or that the association we observe might have arisen because individuals in states with historically high gun ownership rates just happen to be dickless…

    You know, just to be accurate.

  3. World Examiner Says:

    SayUncle Another alleged gun study

    SayUncle updates us on the blogosphere’s analysis of the latest foundation-funded study attacking gun rights. Folks, if you ever set up a foundation get some good advice so the foundation does not end up making you look like an evil,

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