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Concealment does not equal cover

Via 2X4 comes some Google video on ammo v. buildings.

5 Responses to “Concealment does not equal cover”

  1. Fun Bob Says:

    Exactly what enemy are they training to engage here? The ones who are buying their weapons over the internet? Their training facility looks an awful lot like Anytown, USA.

  2. Ned Williams Says:

    Cool . . . thanks for the post.

  3. Michael Says:

    I saw this vid awhile back. It really reminded me of ITT/UTT training while in the AIT in the Army. Me and my father have tried most of these and a cinder block wall is not very good cover, but for some reason a foot of dirt is.

  4. t3rrible Says:

    anybody else notice the Ak rounds penetrate well but the m16 do not? Seems like we are a bit under gunned.

  5. Snowflakes in Hell » Says:

    […] […]

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