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NRA Pamphlet

Remember that? Well, here’s a write-up on it. Also, the NRA is warning its members:

The National Rifle Association is warning that Democratic leadership on Capitol Hill “could be one of the most unfriendly” to the NRA.

The organization is unhappy with the voting records of incoming Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and other House Democrats, the Washington Post reported, and is serving notice that it will resist attempts to pass new gun laws.

“The new leadership could be one of the most unfriendly to the National Rifle Association,” said NRA spokesman Andrew Arulanandam.

6 Responses to “NRA Pamphlet”

  1. Ron W Says:

    The Democratic leadership will be “unfriendly” to the NRA and the RIGHTS of armed self-defense for Americans???….no kiddin’!!

    Hopefully some of the pro-gun Democrats who were already there and were elected for the first time will be friendly to us–along with the Republicans who were left.

  2. brittney Says:

    I was hoping that pamphlet was a hoax.

  3. SayUncle Says:

    Me too. the wonkette’s and boing-boings blew it out of proportion.

  4. Standard Mischief Says:

    I found it a little offensive, but what I thought was worse was the spin applied by the classy wonkette.

    I mean, come on, just because looters are in silhouette doesn’t mean they are automatically minorities. And is wonkette really taking offensive because there isn’t any token white people depicted in the cartoon drawing of MS-13 gang members? It also seems that wonkette was the one to bring up Soros’ cultural/religious background and make a big deal about it. Doesn’t that make wonkette antisemitic here? Where’s the outrage?

    It’s really also reveling that wonkette failed to make any snarky comments about the illustration on page 8. I suppose that’s a little tough to do, because there really were that many cops taking down Patricia Konie. And although it was too hot to have them all ninjafied like it’s depicted, they did brutally barge without a warrant into her not-flooded home and bodyslam her. It’s been well over a year later and none of those LAPD cops have even been named, let alone charged with any crime.

    I’d say wonkette deserves the Michael Moore award for gross distortions in a presentation.

    Off the top of my head, the parts that the NRA did that offended me were depicting the female animal rights extremest with the unshaved legs, while her buddy that appears male seems to shave his. Also the fact that they are called terrorist bothers me. While groups such as the Earth Liberation Front are wacknut-batshit insane extremists, they do clearly go out of their way to avoid killing people.

    You did look at the actual complete PDF of the item in question, right? Funny how wonkette failed to publish it in its entirety. at least boingboing published it. (pdf)

  5. Lyle Says:

    “The new leadership could be one of the most unfriendly to the National Rifle Association,”

    Incorrect. The Clinton administration, for example, sold more guns, and recruited more NRA members than anything within the laset several decades. Check the numbers. Anti gun activists are the NRA’s best freinds– what do you think would happen to the NRA’s membership if all gun laws were repealed tomorrow and all politicians vowed to keep it that way?

    The NRA would go back to being a simple gun club.

  6. Ron W Says:


    Good point. That is true. Tyrannical politicians are good for increasing the membership in pro-armed self defense organizations. I’m an NRA member and I also joined Gunowners of America….the more, the merrier.

    Left unchecked, the arrogance of the power elite will gain the upper hand because there are many supposed public servants who desire to disarm us with the hired guns….for whom we are forced to pay.