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But they already are

Jeffy Weffy says that a MA mayor wants AR-15s banned, because someone used one in commission of a crime. Well, they already did that in 1998 with the passage of their assault weapons ban. Says some nanny state prick:

“Thereís no rhyme or reason to have civilians with this type of firepower,” Lang said. “Itís not something that you could ever possibly justify. Itís insanity and it doesnít fit in society in any way.”

The beauty of being a free man is I don’t have to justify a fucking thing to you. Never mind the fact that the AR is essentially the same as any other .223 caliber rifle. Or the fact the military is looking at scrapping the M-16 because it’s not powerful enough.

Ooh, AR-15:

9 Responses to “But they already are”

  1. Brass Says:

    What kind of sling is that on the .223?

  2. Ninth Stage Says:

    Jeffy Weffy?

  3. SayUncle Says:

    Brass, I forgot the brand but it’s basically your standard tactical sling. If you like to build your own, here’s plans.

    And if you like single point, here’s how I built the one above.

  4. Sebastian Says:

    You can legally obtain an AR-15 in MA if you have a Class A LTC. My understanding from my friends who live up there is that the guy actually had one because he was a salesman that “often carried large sums of money”. So what asshole wants to do is just make them flat out illegal.

  5. k-romulus Says:

    Never mind that the Mini-14 “semi-auto hunting rifle” or that one Volquartsen “semi-auto target shooting rifle” could have been used to the same effect, with the same exact ammunition. And in the case of the Volq or an SU-16, the same exact magazines. . . .

  6. Heartless Libertarian Says:

    What kind of BUIS are you using?

    I put an EOTech on the 9mm AR, and was extremely annoyed to discover that the DPMS fixed rear irons that I was using don’t fit behind it.

  7. SayUncle Says:

    I use yankee hill flip ups (link to manufacturer). Best price I’ve found is here.

  8. existingthing Says:

    If one ban isn’t working, they should ban it one more time! Or two more times!

  9. robert Says:

    Stop posting photos of those black rifles! You’re scaring me!

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