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Now in 45ACP.

3 Responses to “S&W M&P”

  1. Tam Says:

    They’ll be introducing them at SHOT, which means late-spring/early-summer shipping, in all probability.


    Four to six months of “Hey, do you’uns got that new Smith and Western .45? No? But it’s out! I saw a picture on the internets!”

  2. Rustmeister Says:

    But itís out! I saw a picture on the internets!

    Yeah, learned that lesson when I saw the Taurus Tunderbolt in .357 pictured and reviewed on various sites.

    Any idea when that puppy is making landfall?

  3. Jay G Says:

    I’m in for at least one. If they make a compact version I’ll get both.

    From what I’ve heard from folks re: the existing M&P pistols, S&W has hit a home run with these guns.

    Even if they did blaspheme with the M&P (metal & plastic) designation… But hey, if I can forgive them for tagging a freakin’ 9mm autoloader with the venerable “Chief’s Special” designation…