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The Airing of Grievances: Miscellaneous

To Nintendo: Seriously, guys, make more Wiis. I want one but I’m not standing in a line or calling Wal-Mart every day to get one. I got money. Get me a Wii.

To Illness: Go away. I swear, ’tis the season for sick kids with winter and daycare. Can we get at least a week’s break? I’d like to sleep for more than two hours at a stretch.

Sweaters: They’re scratchy and fit too snuggly for me. I hate them. But, every year, the wife buys me one. Stop.

The dude up the street: get on the Scott’s lawn-care program or something. Your lawn looks like a cross between a desert and the jungle. Some parts of it are solid dirt and other parts are bushier that Madonna’s pits from her 1980s Playboy spread.

To hypersensitive, politically-correct twits: Don’t you have better shit to do?

To Sanford: Do you just not make erasers for my 0.9MM mechanical pencil anymore?

To Windows Rescue & Recovery: You’re useless. Backing up my hard drive on, err, my hard drive is real fucking smart.

5 Responses to “The Airing of Grievances: Miscellaneous”

  1. Drake Says:

    Excellent use of Madonna’s pits.

  2. Nashville Is Talking Says:

    On A Roll

    My Uncle Say is airing some grievances. It seems a healthy exercise. Go read his, then get in on the action yourself….

  3. triticale Says:

    It was Penthouse which published the old art photos of Madonna. I know most USians are not accustomed to unshaved armpits, but her hair there wasn’t bushy and I thought she looked great.

  4. The View From North Central Idaho - Maybe he needs a cigarette Says:

    […] […]

  5. existingthing Says:

    It’s a free market man. Should you wish for a wii, you should expect to pay fair market value (which at the moment is around $500 on ebay). If you wish to pay less by purchasing from limited supply provided by retail outlets then be prepared to compete!

    I’ve been calling my local gamestop every day for a week after I missed two opportunities to pick up a wii.

    (I don’t mean to be mean or anything; it’s just that your comment bugged me)