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That’s unpossible

How did that happen? Handguns are banned in Chicago.

10 Responses to “That’s unpossible”

  1. #9 Says:

    Probably stolen. Only way to prevent a tragedy like this is to go door to door and search using metal detectors to find all handguns. When all handguns are confiscated then, and only then will Chicago be safe.

    I’m serial.

  2. nk Says:

    Twenty-five yards, one shot-one kill, while the perp is holding onto a hostage. New York should send its officers to Chicago for training. (I am a Chicagoan BTW. Fail Safe is our favorite movie 😉

  3. Sebastian Says:

    Clearly it’s a failure of the lack of gun control everywhere else.

  4. Tam Says:

    It’s all Virginia’s fault. The illegal guns come from Virginia. I know this, because I have watched Law & Order.

  5. RonInAz Says:

    More shootings in a Victim Disarmament Zone of the PRI?

    Say it isn’t so.


    I have to say I always enjoyed Fail Safe myself.

    Nothing quite like a good cold war movie.

  6. Ron W Says:


    No, no, the “illegal” guns in Chicago are the fault of Tennessee, Kentucky and Indiana since I-65 is a more direct route there. My guns here in Tennessee cause gun crime in Chicago…yeah, that’s their problem.

    Seriously though, IF the “leadership” (and I use that term very loosely) in places like Chicago exercised any rational thought, it would be obvious that gun-free places create criminal-safe zones.

  7. Diamondback Says:

    What? You mean criminals aren’t obeying the gun ban? I can’t believe it! Gee, I wonder what could have prevented this?

  8. Ron W Says:


    According to gun control porponents, when we are all disarmed (except for government agents and the elite ruling class) then the criminals will finally obey gun laws.

  9. SayUncle » Brady Grades Says:

    […] There’s also the fact that two of Brady’s A students (Mass. and Illinois) recently experienced mass shootings. Since Brady cannot offer solutions, they offer condolences. You guys gave them an A. […]

  10. Diamondback Says:

    Oh, Ok. I’m glad to hear that once I turn in my guns and everyone else turns in their guns, the criminals will stop being criminals and we’ll all live in Utopia! I’ll get right on that whole “gun turnin” thing. I feel safer already. Smell the sarcasm?