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Gun Links

I don’t feel like doing a bunch of posts. So, here’s some stuff:

Review of he Kel-Tec SU16

Ohio Governor to veto preemption bill.

The Brady’s now will push for restricting sales of military style weapons and the ammunition that’s used in those weapons. Well, let’s see, transfer of military style weapons to citizens has banned since 1986. Unless, of course, Helmke is lying and means weapons that look like assault weapons. And, precisely, what methodology will you use to determine what constitutes military ammo. See, the 5.56X45 that load up in the AR-15 is the same as the ammo that a lot of folks put in their varmint guns.

IS this guy a marine:

Police said a local mini-mart owner fought back during a robbery attempt, putting three of the five culprits in the hospital.

Police said a group of men pulled their guns after Germantown store owner John Lee told them to pull their hoods down.

Lee grabbed his own gun and shot three of the four suspects inside the Musgrave Street and Chelten Avenue store before they could target him.

He found the fourth gunman hiding in the back of the store.

“I found out he had a gun on him, so I beat him up pretty bad,” Lee said. “Kicked them hard; I gave them a lesson.”

Kevin on the ninjafication of the police:

I have no problem with this. If my life was on the line and I carried a gun as part of my professional duties, I’d want it to be semi-automatic and in a caliber starting with .4 myself. I certainly agree that the .38 Special is not really up to the task, nor is the standard-issue “riot gun” the best long arm an officer might use.

My problem is with the tactics and the attitude.

One Response to “Gun Links”

  1. jimmyb Says:

    Regarding Ohio’s governor, good f***ing riddance.
    He and soon-to-be-ex Senator DeWine are no friends of gun owners.
    I hate to see Dems win (generally) but I’m not sad to see those two asshats go.

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