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Civil Libertarian Ad Campaign

Seems to me that the various civil libertarian groups spend their money on either lawsuits or failed attempts to run for office. In the US, advertising can be a powerful force. I propose that instead of these groups wasting their money on higher office, they buy ads. Ads will deliver the message that your bids for office fail to do. After all, you guys get no press coverage to speak of. Do various commercials highlighting what the .gov is doing. Or put up billboards with slogans like:

  • The government is watching you. Are you watching your government?
  • Only criminals and tyrants fear armed citizens*
  • there ought to be limits to freedom – George W. Bush
  • Limit powers, not rights
  • Some pretty powerful ads on TeeVee might wake people up too.

    * A reader uses that one a lot, I haven’t looked up who it is though.

    3 Responses to “Civil Libertarian Ad Campaign”

    1. Gattsuru Says:

      Perhaps modified from :

      Only criminals, dictators and democrats fear armed citizens.

      -Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries, Vol. 1, No. 6, 2 September 1993

      (Pulled from the View from North Idaho)

    2. Rustmeister Says:

      I plan on doing that, right after I win the lottery.

    3. Doug Craig Says:

      I am the Libertarian political Director of GA. We are just learnig the T.V. ad game. Three of our candidates ran ads this time two years only one candidate ran ads . We are getting better.

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