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Mad Minute

The Gun Nut:

If the NYPD starts shooting at people who actually shoot back, they are going to run out of ammunition.

I think it was Carlos Mencia who (jokingly) opined that we should teach gang bangers marksmanship instead of the spray and pray method they tend to use now. That way, the only casualties in their turf wars would be other gang bangers. Well, the police (I hope think) would get that kind of training.

The Gun Nut is also asking you help the NYPD out:

And so I call on you, my fellow gun enthusiasts, to lend a hand to New York’s Finest. If you have a spare box, or a case, of 9mm lying around, send it to people who need it more than you do. The address is:

Commissioner Raymond Kelly
New York City Police Department
One Police Plaza
New York, New York

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