Ragsdale strikes back, sort of…

One thing that the “powers that be” in Knoxville agree on is that Knox County Commissioner Greg “Lumpy” Lambert has become way to popular with the people. Yet today’s Editorial in the Knoxville News Sentinel titled, “Serious issues shouldn’t be taken lightly” doesn’t go after Lumpy Lambert, it goes after other Commissioners who have an unusual sense of humor. This Editorial is diametrically opposed to an Editorial two weeks ago in the Metro Pulse that claims that Commissioner Lambert “has shown himself to be a danger to himself and others”.

The News Sentinel Editorial admonishes Knox County Commissioners for a supposedly humorous Resolution to “honor” Commissioner Lambert as “Quick Draw Lambert” and to further honor Mr. Lambert with the Annual “Make My Day” award.

Betty Bean has a column today in the Halls Shopper News, “Getting Lumpy”. Betty writes, “Last month, some of Greg Lambert’s County Commission colleagues bragged that they were going to bloody his nose for asking for an investigation of political activities in Mayor Mike Ragsdale’s office.”

In the YouTube video clip below from the November 20th Knox County Commission you can hear one single laugh as the Resolution is read. Is it safe to assume that lone laugh was Commissioner Craig Leuthold, the author of the Resolution? One wonders if Mr. Leuthold learned his comedy skills from Michael Richards?

In comedy timing is everything. After the Resolution is read Chairman Scott Moore intervenes and scolds Commissioner Leuthold telling him the Resolution is not appropriate. Then Chairman Moore asks Knox County Sheriff Tim Hutchison to speak to the Commission about the Kane Stackhouse, the young man that pulled a gun on Commissioner Lambert. The Sheriff stunned the Commission, audience, and Television viewers when he revealed that Kane Stackhouse would be charged the next day for a murder that occurred ten hours earlier and just three miles away. This was the murder of David Lindsey who was murdered in the Walgreen’s parking lot.

If only there was a picture of Craig Leuthold at that moment, do you think he was laughing then? So as long as this is all so jovial and just in good fun, what would a good joke nickname for Commissioner Leuthold be? Lassie Leuthold, an homage to Tyler Harber who claimed he was better trained than a dog? Or perhaps Laughing Leuthold, since he has demonstrated such great comedic skills?

Maybe this wasn’t funny after all?

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