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No takesies backsies

Seems the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Ownership isn’t as confident post-election as it once was:

Gun control: Paul Helmke, president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, says he has seen a list of the top 100 Democratic priorities; reinstating the now-expired ban on military-style assault weapons is “in the 90s.” At least, he says, conservatives can’t weaken gun control laws.

Good. Meanwhile, people say to me: Hey Uncle, I think it’s a bit unfair that you call The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Ownership. And I say: Because that’s their goal. As evidence, let’s look at the gun control utopia that is Massachusetts, which has enacted or came close to enacting everyone of The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Ownership’s pipe dreams. Well, these pipe dreams aren’t enough and more are needed:

“Dan Vice, a staff attorney with the Brady Campaign, which advocates for gun control, said Massachusetts needs to establish a statewide registry of legally owned guns. He also urged the state to restrict gun purchases to one per month.

“The good news is Massachusetts has been a model for the nation, but much more can be done,” he said. “

Massachusetts: live free, or there.

9 Responses to “No takesies backsies”

  1. countertop Says:

    surprise, surprise.

    not that anyone ever listens to me.

  2. Jay G Says:

    They are steadfastly proceeding with this BLATANT LIE. Unfucking real.

    Here’s a tip from someone who LIVES in MA: EVERY. FUCKING. GUN. MUST. BE. REGISTERED. BY. STATE. LAW.

    There is one, and only one, exception: If you move into MA from out-of-state you do not have to register any firearms you bring in with you. I would wager that the number of guns that this exception covers would be a single digit percentage.

    Other than that, every single gun in the state of MA is registered. Period. It is STATE LAW that any private sale be recorded within 7 days – we have what used to be called an FA-10 form that needs to be filled out for EVERY personal transaction (see Bruce at mAssbackwards for what is involved on the FA-10, he covered it extensively).


    Plain and simple.

  3. Nylarthotep Says:

    Hell, there is a mayor in New Bedford that calls guns WMDs.
    “In New Bedford, we regard guns as a weapon of mass destruction,” Mayor Lang told the committee. “We think they are a weapon of mass destruction throughout our cities and towns throughout the United States.”

    Worst of all is that these idiots have been leaking over the border into NH for a long time. I’m thinking a border fence may be in order.

  4. Bruce Says:

    “…the number of guns that this exception covers would be a single digit percentage.”

    Yeah, if you round up.

  5. Captain Holly Says:

    I think this latest episode with Pelosi and Murtha opened alot of eyes. Most liberal groups are beginning to realize that Nancy Pelosi is waaay overrated as a leader. The Bradys have figured out that if Pelosi can’t get the Blue Dogs to vote with her on Murtha, she sure as hell isn’t going to get them to vote with her on an AW Ban.

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  7. Lyle Says:

    Not that it matters, but I will once again be the only one to point out the fact that we are having to fight a hard battle over something that is a Constitutionally guaranteed right.

    Any politician who takes an Oath to uphold the Constitution, then sets out to destroy it, is a criminal and belongs in a cage.

    We should never need to have this conversation at all. We should simply be able to mind our own fucking business, without the slightest worry that some total shithead, in our own country, someone charged with protecting our rights, would instead choose to attack them.

  8. Ron w Says:

    Lyle says, “….but I will once again be the only one to point out the fact that we are having to fight a hard battle over something that is a Constitutionally guaranteed right.”

    Very well-said! And with NO help from those who SAY they support support “civil rights”; in fact, they are usually on the side of those who want to disarm us by the hired guns….those also so aptly described by Lyle as “a criminal and belongs in a cage.”

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