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A paintball minigun.

2 Responses to “Nifty”

  1. Phelps Says:

    Working out the minigun part is no big deal. His problem is going to be feeding it paint. Paintballs are generally fed by a gravity feed, and you are limited to about 15 bps just due to the physics of falling objects. Even if he uses a force feed system like a warp feed, he’ll have to feed that device by a gravity feed, which means he is still limited to a sustained 15 bps. (Warp feed claims 20 bps, but that only applies to the dozen or so balls in the rotating cog.) There are true force feed systems like the Qloader, but then magazine capacity is going to seriously limit him. Even at that, almost every electronic gun today uses photoelectric eyes to ensure that a paintball is fully loaded before firing, because a paintball half in the chamber makes quite a mess when the bolt cuts it in half. I’m not sure his system takes that into account.

    If he can figure out some sort of belt feed, then that would be truely innovative. And will have more usage than just his minigun — traditional solenoid single barrel systems might use it too.

    Also, the vapor seems to show that his firing stage is at the top of the cycle. That kind of dfeats the purpose of a multiple barrel system if he is using a gravity feed. You want to load at the top three barrels and fire at the bottom. (You don’t have an extraction phase since paintballs are a caseless ammunition.) The Gatling Gun fired at the bottom of the cycle… because it was gravity fed.

  2. Phelps Says:

    Choice comment from

    Dave Lyons: “Looks like he’s almost done with the easy part. Now he’s got to figure out
    how to load paintballs into it without creating a soup thrower.”