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Biased against guns

Gene, being accused of anti-gun bias, writes:

As for just reporting the facts, the program was designed to illicit (sic) comments from my guests. I think we succeeded. Mike Cohen, Frank Cagle and Terry Frank each offered their opinions. If you review the segment, you won’t hear me offer my opinion. I’m simply the moderator.

The email he was responding to was this:

The moderator for this program kept referring to Greg Lambert and Tim Burchett (sp?) as ‘taking the law into their own hands.’ Those two men didn’t take anything into their own hands, – they protected their person and their property within the confines of the law. If they had of taken things into their own hands, they’d have shot those scumbags instead of calling the cops and feeding them cookies. I found the anti-gun bias of the moderator disgusting and disingenuous. But the media is SO far left, I should never expect reporting consisting of just the facts without opinion interjected. Shame on you for allowing this!

So, to be clear, Gene will respond to an angry email that alleges left bias and gets the facts wrong (such as kept referring to Greg Lambert and Tim Burchett (sp?) as ‘taking the law into their own hands.’, which was only said once. I suppose it’s easy to respond when the complainant has their facts wrong. However, when the complaints are factually correct, I hear the crickets chirping. For example, still no addressing the issues of:

Advice from the local press that can get you arrested or killed;

Or that if WATE was correct, Tim Burchett broke the law;

Or that time when a reporter misrepresented the assault weapons ban and then got all hysterical when called on it, while sticking to their original claim that was likely obtained by an anti-gun group.

Or the fact you’ve not done a story on Haslam belonging to an anti-gun group?

I guess if I want responses, I have to act all angry and accuse them of being liberals?

It’s not all bad. I still commend Tim Miller for correcting an error.

One Response to “Biased against guns”

  1. #9 Says:

    Is there such a thing as group denial? Sensational Six needs to look in the mirror. WATE needs to get away from the “First on Six” to a commitment of “Right on Six”.

    Who really cares if a Television station is first with a story if they do not get the facts straight? If you get the facts wrong and keep playing the story then it becomes a question of bias or incompetence.
    Which is it WATE?