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Taking your lumps

Late for Dinner asks what’s wrong with this picture. Yes, some gun safety violations. But speaking of Lumpy, Betty Bean notes his impeccable taste in 380s:

The hapless holdup man, whom Lambert said looked to be about 19, had walked up to the car lot around 1 p.m. saying he wanted to buy a car. He had his eye on a 2005 Ford Focus priced at $10,000 and asked for a test drive. When Lambert went out to his own car to retrieve a dealer’s tag, he said something told him to open the console and retrieve his own gun – a Keltec .380 that he has a permit to carry.

I love my Kel-Tec. Actually, Betty, you don’t have a permit to carry a specific gun. Just a permit to carry a gun. Any handgun but a machine gun, if I recall correctly.

That said, second-guessing Lumpy’s situation is likely unfair and the Beanster points out that:

Lumpy got snookered by whoever did that Channel 6 story — he trusted them to be fair and he allowed himself to be talked into re-enacting the attempted hold-up. In return, they ran a still shot that makes him look like a demented freak instead of a victim. Lumpy would be better off if he were a little less trusting, a little less willing to accommodate those who would set him up.

One Response to “Taking your lumps”

  1. Sebastian Says:

    What’s wrong with Tennessee? You can carry a concealed machine gun in Pennsylvania 😉

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